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How to Complete the Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo

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Break out the Dungeon

Video Walkthrough

You can start the demo in a dimly lit dungeon mobile. A locked gate stands ahead of you, and the one different issues within the room are a low bench with some rotten meals, a barrel, and a rest room.

Flip to stand reverse the locked mobile door, and you’ll be able to spot a lacking brick within the wall with a crumpled up word left in the back of. Pick out up the Scrap of Paper and open up your stock (triangle) to inspect and skim the 2 pages of notes. You can get a coarse thought of an break out plan, however there is nonetheless so much to determine.

With the mobile door locked, crouch down as a substitute, and glance underneath the bench to discover a small passage you’ll be able to move slowly underneath into the adjacent mobile. It is as naked as the former mobile, however fortunately, the door is unlocked.

Leaving the mobile in the back of, you’ll be able to to find your self in a protracted darkish hall coated with extra cells, and a number of particles for your left. If you wish to have, you’ll be able to take a look at the mobile reverse the only you escaped to search out it coated with cabinets, a creepy having a look portrait, and a word about drugs for farm animals. There certain aren’t many animals down right here…


In a while down the corridor, you’ll be able to spot a number of placing issues in sacks. The left mobile provides not anything of use, and the only at the proper is locked with chains – fighting access.

Stay transferring ahead, and word the following mobile at the proper has a useless girl subsequent to a desk stuffed with torture gadgets. Within the nook, scrawled in blood, are the phrases “lend a hand me brother”. At the left, what is left of a person hangs in any other padlocked mobile.

Whilst you achieve the top of the corridor, you’ll be able to discover a sealed picket door with a put up subsequent to it that is locked and calls for some form of key. Check up on it, and you’ll be able to listen some commotion come from go into reverse the corridor.

Advance cautiously go into reverse the dim hall, and glance into the room with the useless girl to search out her slumped over with one thing protruding of her again. Check up on the frame and retrieve the Bolt Cutters, an merchandise that can be utilized to open positive locked cells.

For a grisly sight, you’ll be able to open up the other mobile the usage of the Bolt Cutters to investigate cross-check the hanged guy, in a different way, head down the corridor to search out the one different locked door with a sequence you’ll be able to open the usage of the ones Bolt Cutters (look forward to falling gadgets!).

This room homes many extra torture gadgets – plus a bucket stuffed with blood. The scrap of paper again to your mobile discussed discovering a key soaked in blood, so stick your hand in to expose a Lockpick – the instrument you wish to have to flee this position.

Some other commotion will sound as you allow the mobile – this means that it is time to get out of right here. Head go into reverse the hall (did the useless girl’s frame simply transfer once more?) and dodge the pounding at the partitions at the left till you achieve the field you’ll be able to now release to discover a lever, and open the door to the following room.

The room is somewhat creepy, however fortunately nicely lit. Transfer on thru and down the slim hall, previous a wine cellar stuffed with interestingly leaking (and bumping) barrels into a bigger room.

The word you discovered mentions that the door may not can help you achieve freedom, however a gentle supply will. Figuring out this, circle across the desk on this room (trying out the meals and report participant if you wish to have) to the some distance aspect of the round room.

Crouch down right here, and glance some of the wall cupboards for a beam of sunshine popping out, and open it to discover a new tunnel main out.

This room is brief and leads to a clean wall – however there should be extra to the wine cellar than issues seem. Crouch down once more and glance to the appropriate of the useless finish for a candle-lit crawlspace the place a bloody brick is jutting out of the wall. Press it in, and the name of the game door will probably be published, taking you up and out of the dungeon by means of a ladder into the fortress right kind.

Make sure that to check out a word at the left simply previous the door for a diary of a servant whose time on the fortress most likely did not finish on the most efficient of phrases.

Break out the Citadel

After you go thru the rest cellars and up the ladder dripping down blood from a useless crow, you’ll be able to discover a hollow within the wall resulting in an ornate and stately room.

Check up on where at your recreational, and word the ordinary having a look Necklace at the small desk in the course of the room, why now not take it?

Leaving the pretty room in the back of, head right into a hallway main all the way down to a door subsidized through two statues – however it is locked. As a substitute, it would be best to flip your consideration to any other corridor resulting in a fairly ajar door – one very massive determine passes through as you get shut…

Alternatively, transferring throughout the door you’ll be able to to find nobody round, and a big two-story lobby room with a number of balconies you’ll be able to view the room under from. There may be even a path of blood resulting in the some distance door at the backside ground.

As you progress across the higher ground, take into account of the creepy door with a fair creepier face on it – a face that is lacking a watch. You’ll read about it, however you might be missing the object to finish its visage.

There may be now not a lot else of word at the higher ground, so take the steps all the way down to the room under. What seems to be the entrance door is predictably locked, as is any other within reach door. Transfer around the room and make sure to take a look at the hearth stuffed with burning garments, and a word on a some distance desk about “applicants”. Then, apply the blood path into a brand new room.

This small eating room provides the most harsh of glimpses of the outdoor, however you continue to wish to have the option out. The some distance door wishes a selected key, so for now, go searching and investigate cross-check the room. There may be various bottles of “Regina Rosie” wine, and within the some distance aspect of the desk close to the hearth you’ll be able to spot a extraordinary red-tinted goblet. Attitude the goblet whilst analyzing it to appear inside of, and you’ll be able to discover a Maroon Eye Ring.

Check up on this Maroon Eye Ring to your stock to appear at once on the eye, and read about it to detach it and declare the Maroon Eye – simply this kind of factor a definite creepy door face is lacking at the ground above.

Leaving the eating room, chances are you’ll simply catch a glimpse of a shadowy determine transferring up the steps – proper against the door you wish to have to enter, after all.

By the point you climb the steps, the determine will probably be long past, and you’ll be able to insert the Maroon Eye into the face to release the creepy door into a brand new room.

You can to find your self in a well-lit wine room, so get started in search of anything else you’ll be able to use. Within the some distance aspect of the room, you’ll be able to take a look at a desk house for an excerpt at the wine-making carried out at this ordinary fortress.

Glance to the appropriate of the word for some cupboards close to the ground, and open them to search out the Courtyard Key. It is time to get out of right here….

As you start to descend the steps, a sinister voice will get started echoing – somebody has been staring at you. It may not be lengthy ahead of a swam of insects waft down between you and the door to freedom and a lady materializes to assault you. She’ll take a piece from your neck, however you don’t seem to be useless but! Run previous her into the eating room ahead of she will end the process, or you will have to replay the fortress segment!

Run throughout the eating room and temporarily use the Courtyard Key at the some distance door to make your bid for freedom – this is till you meet the Woman Dimitrescu. This may occasionally mark the top for you – and for the Maiden Demo. Congratulations!

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