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HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review: The Best Tiny Keyboard for Gaming on the Go


  • 1 – Absolute Scorching Rubbish
  • 2 – Sorta Lukewarm Rubbish
  • three – Strongly Incorrect Design
  • four – Some Execs, Rather a lot Of Cons
  • five – Acceptably Imperfect
  • 6 – Excellent Sufficient to Purchase On Sale
  • 7 – Nice, However No longer Highest-In-Magnificence
  • eight – Unbelievable, with Some Footnotes
  • nine – Close Up And Take My Cash
  • 10 – Absolute Design Nirvana

Worth: $100

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 mechanical keyboard
Michael Crider

HyperX, Kingston’s gamer label, is easiest identified for its selection of top of the range headsets. However the corporate has been branching out into keyboards for a number of years, together with developing its personal gamer-focused mechanical switches and a notable partnership with Ducky. HyperX is able to strike out with an absolutely self-branded 60% board, the Alloy Origins 60.

Here is What We Like

  • Beautiful metallic case
  • Vivid, even lighting fixtures
  • Clever 60% structure
  • Aggressive value

And What We Do not

  • No transferring the FN button
  • Restrictive USB-C bay

It’s a decent little bundle, with a drop-dead beautiful presentation, nice lighting fixtures, and an easy-to-use structure. It’s additionally aggressive: At simply $100 retail for the Crimson transfer choice, it’s considerably inexpensive than the Hunstman Mini from Razer or the low-profile SK622 from Cooler Grasp, lately the one different 60% forums from identical gaming producers. When you’re having a look to get into the 60% measurement for commute or simply extra table area, the Alloy Origins 60 (I’m simply gonna name it the AO60 any longer) is a superb position to start out.

I’m dinging the keyboard for lackluster device, and the design of its removable USB-C cable may well be higher. I additionally want it had the way to change out the switches, rapid turning into a regular for mechanical forums. However in the case of construct, efficiency, and value level, the AO60 is a winner.

Steel Will By no means Die

The very first thing that struck me after I picked up the AO60 is that it’s simply probably the most interesting 60% board I’ve observed from a mainstream maker, as a bodily object. The thick, complete aluminum frame is curved on all edges, maximizing portability and making it clean to slide right into a bag or case.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 metal case
Michael Crider

And it’s simply beautiful: The black-on-black components give it a fighter jet glance, with the massive H emblem (embossed into the metallic itself) being each clean to identify and understated. It’s a disgrace in regards to the giant FCC sticky label proper underneath it, however whaddayagonnado. (Subsequent time: Etch that into the case like a telephone, please!) When you’re a keyboard nut: This frame is nicer than the only at the Vortex Poker three, and that’s pronouncing one thing.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 feet, folded, deployed
Michael Crider

Notice the toes. Customers can stay the toes folded in for a super-sleek profile, which remains to be solid due to 4 large pads. Or they are able to turn the toes out for 2 other angles: Each and every one has a sub-foot that provides slightly of adjustability. Mixed with a metallic most sensible plate, this example is maximizing each portability and application in nice techniques.

There’s only one bitter notice right here: The USB-C port. Located at the most sensible edge between the two and three keys, it’s completely high-quality while you use it with the incorporated HyperX cable (which is braided and 6 toes lengthy, each great touches). However the bay if truth be told resulting in the USB-C port is very slim. Just one out of 5 of the USB-C cables I’ve readily available can if truth be told have compatibility in there.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 USB-C port
The USB-C port for the braided cables is just too slim for many different cables. Michael Crider

That suggests if you wish to use it with an extended cable for desktop control, or a C-to-C cable for a more recent computer or pill, you’re going to must both get choosy or shave down the plastic protecting aspect of the cable. A bit extra consumer checking out would have stuck this. As delivered, it’s a low level in an another way very good bodily design.

Vivid Lighting fixtures, Clean Switches

HyperX continues to push its self-branded “clone” switches as awesome choices to pricey choices from Cherry or Gateron. The AO60 is to start with introduced most effective in Crimson linear taste, which is smart while you’re pushing for avid gamers first. I encountered no problems with them, even though they have got an extended commute and a quite scratchy really feel for switches that are meant to be rapid.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 red switches
Michael Crider

Let’s check out how the ones switches are used within the board. They’re fastened into an all-metal plate, great, with north-facing LEDs, additionally great. However the LEDs deserve particular consideration: No longer most effective are they fastened within the old fashioned, so that they’re immediately underneath the keycaps as an alternative of means down into the transfer, each and every one has a large translucent diffuser. This makes them extraordinarily shiny or even, significantly extra so than some competing keyboards.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 illuminated switches
Michael Crider

Right here’s what all of that implies for the consumer: crazy-bright RGB lighting fixtures that appears incredible. It is helping that HyperX didn’t skimp at the keycaps: They’re pricey PBT plastic with doubleshot legends (separate translucent plastic that can by no means put on down, regardless of how a lot Cheeto mud you coat it with). They’re a very good inclusion that every other manufacturers make you pay additional for.


One last item: The bundle comes with a quite affordable plastic keycap puller, plus a “HyperX” key that may change the Home windows key. However the inclusion that in reality makes this board shine is an alternate area bar with a singular translucent trend. That is most likely impressed via one of the crucial strong point keyboards introduced via Varmilo or HyperX’s keyboard buddy Ducky. It’s beautiful. I’m now not an RGB man, however after I put it at the keyboard and noticed it illuminated, I by no means took it off.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 space bar
Michael Crider

I want to have observed the way to change the switches with modular bays. That’s grow to be a favourite function of mine: see additionally Drop’s ALT, the GMMK, and the Redragon Okay530, amongst others. However getting that stunning RGB lighting fixtures and very good metallic frame with the additional modular , plus protecting the associated fee down, most likely put the kibosh on that function. It’s exhausting to disagree with the selection given the outcome.

Adapting to the Dimension

Common mechanical keyboard fanatics will take note of the semi-standard “60%” measurement utilized by the AO60. In short: It cuts all of the board all the way down to the alphanumeric house of a regular keyboard, shaving off the serve as row, the quantity pad, and the arrow keys (plus the more than a few keys to the north). The result’s a graceful little quantity that may simply be thrown in a bag, however which calls for slightly of a studying curve and/or some programming with a view to entry extra esoteric laptop purposes.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 function button
I dig this corner-mounted serve as button, however want it may well be moved. Michael Crider

The best way that the board customizes the serve as layer is subsequently essential: It determines how exhausting or clean it’s to regulate from a full-sized board. You may recall that a bizarre structure (and a loss of choices for converting it) gave me an overly exhausting time with Razer’s identical Huntsman Mini. I’m satisfied to record that the AO60 is a lot more agreeable in that regard. Hanging the FN button in the suitable CTRL area (with CTRL moved over and Menu deserted) is a a lot more herbal have compatibility, no less than for me.


Crucially, there are extra choices for programming that layer, too. HyperX’s keyboard device lets in all of the keys aside from for FN to be rebound, on any layer. That unmarried limitation more or less sucks for me—I favor to make use of Caps Lock as a FN key and put easy-to-access arrow keys at the backside proper. However for any consumer who’s used to the constraints of the 60% shape issue, or keen to be informed slightly, it makes it clean to regulate.

HyperX’s device isn’t nice. It doesn’t permit for large in-depth RGB animation, doesn’t tie into different API’s like Razer or Cooler Grasp, and it’s simply as convoluted and in-your-face as different “gamer” techniques. It will get the process carried out; that’s about up to I will say in its prefer. The device refused to acknowledge the evaluate unit keyboard on my primary desktop, however it labored on a computer, so I’m ready to chock that as much as weirdness at the a part of Home windows.

HyperX’s NGENUITY driving force program. Notice that the FN button can’t be reprogrammed.

In fact, if you happen to trade the structure or the serve as layer round, the default (and really lovely) keycaps will not be correct. The standardized key spacing will lend a hand with that: The AO60 is appropriate with any usual keycap set.

The Highest Possibility in a Area of interest Box

A 60% gamer-focused keyboard is slightly of a distinct segment merchandise, despite the fact that that area of interest is rising. When you’re unwilling to construct your individual, or wade into the large and costly global of area of interest keyboard providers, then you’ll be able to’t do higher than the Alloy Origins 60.

HyperX Alloy Origins 60 with tablet
Michael Crider

The device is a little bit restricted (my kingdom for a movable FN key!), and that slim USB-C port will restrict your choices for add-on cables. However a tiny, glossy, and lovely frame, gorgeous RGB lighting fixtures, and top of the range keycaps make this board an unbeatable cut price at simply $100. You received’t discover a 60% measurement that’s higher from a significant provider.

Pick out up this keyboard if you want one thing mild, difficult, and rapid to tackle commute gaming outings, or if you happen to simply need one thing that’s extra at ease to sort on than your computer’s keyboard. It doesn’t make numerous sense as a desktop board, however I are expecting a number of avid gamers desperate to observe the most recent “battlestation” developments will dig it for that function, too.

Right here’s What We Like

  • Beautiful metallic case
  • Vivid, even lighting fixtures
  • Clever 60% structure
  • Aggressive value

And What We Do not

  • No transferring the FN button
  • Restrictive USB-C bay

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