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Intel's power play: Hands-on with ATX12VO motherboards and power supply

Intel’s newest continual play isn’t about toppling AMD, however about power potency. The corporate’s new ATX12VO continual provide same old is designed to lend a hand desktop PCs meet an increasing number of stringent govt requirements on idle continual intake.

Replace: In case you choose video, we have since embedded our complete interview with Intel’s Stephen  Eastman above. He actually wrote the spec for Intel’s new ATX12VO. Watch it above, or right here in the event you choose YouTube.

ATX12VO does require a sacrifice. More moderen continual provides will jettison toughen for old-school Three.Three-volt and Five-volt rails, and pay attention only on generating 12-volt continual. However after kicking the tires on a couple of ATX12VO motherboards in addition to a real ATX12VO PSU, we will say that the way forward for desktop PC continual appears brighter—and your old-friend legacy portions aren’t shifting too a ways away.

ATX12VO will display up first in pre-built PCs from OEMs, however nobody’s ruling out an eventual bounce to DIY portions. Let’s take a better glance.

What makes ATX12VO power-efficient

ATX12VO’s higher potency basically comes from the removing of transformers and different PSU portions for the ones voltage “rails” that consume continual all through idle sessions. Early effects from Intel glance spectacular. In case you take a look at the chart under, you’ll be able to see the potency of a 500-watt ATX12VO 80 Plus Gold in comparison with a 500-watt multi-rail ATX 80 Plus Gold and 500-watt ATX Plus Bronze unit.

atxvo efficiency Intel

ATX12VO specializes in squeezing out extra potency from a PC at idle, which it in large part seems to do.

As Intel issues out: Even a pricier 80 Plus Gold PSU doesn’t achieve a lot potency in comparison to a lower-cost 80 Plus Bronze PSU. The 80 Plus ATX12VO unit, then again, is beautiful impressive at idle rather a lot. With a 15-watt load at the DC facet, the ATX12VO can reach 78-percent potency, whilst the multi-rail continual provides are principally 59 %. In reality it most definitely doesn’t imply greater than Five or 7 watts, however as a result of a large number of desktops idle way over they’re used closely, it provides as much as a large number of continual stored over a yr’s time.

The ones two voltage “rails” don’t cross away—they simply transfer right into a motherboard. Intel confirmed off a few footage of a, ATX12VO board, however the distinction hits house whilst you see an ATX12VO PSU subsequent to a regular 24-pin Major Energy Connector from a regular multi-rail ATX continual provide. 

atx12vo harness Gordon Mah Ung

You’ll see the benefit of an ATX12VO Eight-pin connector (proper) subsequent to a regular 24-pin ATX connector (left).

Fairly among the further pins and wires from the usual multi-rail ATX PSU are used for three.Three-volt and Five-volt continual rails. Via dropping those rails, the cable slims down considerably.

atx12vo connector Gordon Mah Ung

Right here’s a view of the highest of the brand new ATX12VO’s 10-pin connector (proper) subsequent to a 24-pin ATX connector (left).

The simplification in connectors additionally method so much fewer numbers at the PSU label. You’ll see that under with the impressively small SilverStone Strider SST-ST1200-PTS Platinum 1200-watt unit at the left, as opposed to the Top Energy HP1-P650GD-F12S ATX12VO unit at the proper.

The Top Energy has two easy numbers denoting 12-volt, and 12-volt standby continual that’s used for the PC when it’s asleep. In case you glance nearer on the Strider you’ll be able to see the three.Three-volt and Five-volt rails, minus-12-volt, and Five-volt standby continual that will get thrown overboard with ATX12VO.

atx12vo 2 psu side by side Gordon Mah Ung

A glimpse on the compact SilverStone ATX multi-rail PSU (left) is downright sophisticated subsequent to the the brand new ATX12VO which carries numbers for 12 Volts Handiest (proper.)

Via getting rid of the unused continual rails you find yourself with fewer parts, too. Whilst the Top Energy 650-watt ATX12VO isn’t a high-end PSU just like the SilverStone Strider, it did glance beautiful empty throughout the Top Energy (under). A standard PSU would most often have further transformers and capacitors for the three.Three-volt and Five-volt continual. 

ATX12VO PSU Gordon Mah Ung

The interior of a 650-watt Top Energy ATX12VO continual provide is beautiful empty, due to the loss of circuits for three.Three-volt and Five-volt rails.

The cabling could also be slightly easy. Under is an image of the ATX12VO with all the connectors and cables. In this specific PSU you get the ATX12VO 10-pin Major Energy Connector, two Four-pin CPU connectors, an Eight-pin CPU connector, plus 3 6-pin PCIe connectors. They all, in fact, are 12 volts handiest.

atx12vo psu Gordon Mah Ung

ATX12VO PSU’s will function a ways much less cable bulk and it sounds as if nonetheless the choice to provide SATA continual with handiest 12 volts.

ATX12VO does make some provisions for individuals who need to plug in further hardware similar to lighting fixtures, fanatics, or sound playing cards so you’ll be able to have same old Four-pin continual Molex. Whilst that Molex used to hold different voltages, the only within the ATX12VO can handiest elevate 12 volts. In case you’re powering up a fan or LED strip—it must run on 12 volts.

atx12vo sata still there kinda wow Gordon Mah Ung

We had been stunned to discover a SATA connector at the ATX12VO PSU (proper). The loss of wires within the heart is the place Five volt continual could be carried on a regular SATA connector (left).

One wonder was once the SATA continual connector. With ATX12VO, that is intended to be moved off of the PSU, however Top Energy selected to incorporate one on its ATX12VO PSU. One key distinction you must be aware is the SATA continual connector handiest carries 12 volts. You’ll see it within the image above, the place handiest the 12-volt wires are run to it. In case your exhausting power calls for Five volts to run the controller, this connector would now not give you the results you want. As an alternative, you’ll want an ATX12VO SATA connector cable like the only under.

atx12vo micro fit to sata 14 Gordon Mah Ung

An ATX12VO cable would run immediately for your motherboard and supply Five-volt and 12-volt to units.

ATX12VO recommends that board makers toughen from 4 to 8 SATA units. For a four-SATA continual connector configuration, two 3mm connectors could be used just like the cable above to toughen 4 SATA units. There’s additionally a rather greater connector that includes 6 pins and will continual as much as 4 SATA units at the cable. Intel mentioned in ultimate manufacturing cables and most definitely maximum forums, you’ll most definitely get a unmarried 6-pin SATA continual connector or twin SATA continual connector. It’s as much as the motherboard seller in fact, however Intel anticipates extra budget-friendly forums to want handiest 4 SATA continual and information connections, so a unmarried 6-pin connector saves on real-estate.

Intel mentioned a slight trade in how the connectors are keyed in ultimate portions will permit a Four-pin connector to suit right into a 6-pin connector, for the ones desire a smaller cord harness.

3mm MiniFit Gordon Guy Ung

Somewhat than plug in for your PSU, you might continual your SATA units as a substitute out of your motherboard.

What ATX12VO motherboards will seem like

ATX12VO motherboards themselves glance, neatly, like ATX motherboards. We were given to the touch the Asus Top Z490-S and the Asrock Z490 Phantom Gamer 4SSR. Each seem like mid-range forums that don’t have the entire bling of a high-end board—like maximum motherboards that you simply to find in a pre-built or OEM PC. As a result of ATX12VO will likely be utilized in OEM and smaller device integrator PCs, it most definitely is sensible to look forums like this to start with.

Asus and Asrock ATX12VO motherboards Gordon Mah Ung

The Asus Top Z490-S (left) and Asrock Z490 Phantom Gamer 4SSR (proper) each are constructed at the new ATX12VO spec.

To come up with an concept of ways a lot Asus cribbed from an current Top ATX board for its ATX12VO board, we in comparison the Asus Top Z490-S to a picture of the Asus Top Z490-P. It’s beautiful transparent Asus made only some visible alterations to make the ATX12VO model.

primes IDG

The ATX12VO Asus Top Z490-S (left) subsequent to the ATX Asus Top Z490-P (proper.)

After seeing the Asrock Phantom Gamer 4SSR, we idea that the extra voltage legislation modules to the appropriate of the RAM indicated that ATX12VO mandated significantly extra hardware over an ordinary motherboard. However after inspecting the Asus Top Z490-S, we got here to the belief that shifting the three.Three-volt and Five-volt rails to the motherboard doesn’t all the time take all that.

atx12vo boards 3 Gordon Mah Ung

A tighter shot of the Asus (left) and Asrock (proper) SATA continual sections.

You’ll see the Asus Top laying on most sensible of the Asrock Phantom Gamer. Whilst there’s a choke, capacitor and MOSFET at the Asus for the SATA continual, it’s now not in reality greater than a related ATX motherboard from Asus.

Most likely extra telling is the ATX12VO Asus Top Z490-S in comparison to the ATX Asus Top Z490-P. Listed here are each forums up shut, and zoomed in at the SATA continual connectors. Whilst there are alterations, it doesn’t seem like a large deal. In reality, even taking a look on the Asrock Z490 Phantom Gaming 4SR that the ATXV12VO model is in response to, it doesn’t seem like a big trade both.

primes 2 IDG

The ATX12VO board (backside) in comparison to the ATX model (above.)

Something we did understand on each ATX12VO forums was once the inclusion of a 6-pin Further Board Energy connector close to the 10-pin continual connector. The Further Board Energy is further 12-volt continual which is made up our minds on by means of the board maker. Intel mentioned the Further Board Energy is there for customers who made up our minds to plug in more PCIe playing cards or different power-heavy units.

Higher wiring

To come up with an concept of ways a lot wiring is stored, right here’s a shot of a regular ATX motherboard with the 24-pin connector from the SilverStone plugged in.

atx12v main power connector so many wires wow Gordon Mah Ung

Any person who has ever achieved a construct is aware of how tricky it may be to wrangle the trunk of wires in a good construct. The 10-pin ATX12VO cable represents a big relief in wiring that’s simple to form and tuck for your center’s content material.

atx12vo main power connector wow so small Gordon Mah Ung

An ATX12VO connector from a Corsair adapter cable plugged into an ATX12VO Asrock motherboard.

The cable above isn’t the only from the Top Energy ATX12VO continual provide—it’s in fact from a Corsair adapter cable. The cable is designed to let someone with a completely modular Corsair PSU use it with an ATX12VO motherboard. The cable in fact incorporates a circuit to supply 12-volt standby continual to the ATX12VO motherboard.

atx12vo corsair modular connector Gordon Mah Ung

An adapter cable which may be used with a present Corsair modular PSU to continual a more recent ATX12VO board.

One drawback with the use of your current multi-rail PSU with a converter cable is you don’t achieve the efficiencies of a real ATX12VO PSU, as the three.Three-volt and Five-volt rails proceed to consume power at idle rather a lot.

Intel’s rationale for providing those choices is to make adoption of ATX12VO as painless as imaginable. An individual may, as an example, stay an current multi-rail PSU however use an ATX12VO board, then at a later time purchase a more recent ATX12VO to benefit from the potency positive factors.

Lots of the spec, in truth, appears to be constructed that means. Within the early spitballing, Intel thought of shifting to 24-volt like laptops and even adopting other connectors, for the reason that PCIe, and Four-pin and Eight-pin connectors, are all principally repackaged 12 volts. After all, Intel mentioned it made up our minds towards any radical adjustments to make it as pleasant as imaginable to undertake ATX12VO for everybody.

At the moment, in fact, the spec is basically geared toward device distributors who’ve to satisfy the stricter govt pointers. However with what we’re seeing—it in fact could be price it for DIYers to modify over too.

atx12vo 3mm micro fit SATA Gordon Mah Ung

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