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Locked Down review – Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor's pandemic stinker

For the handful of flicks and presentations that have been bravely, or continuously stupidly, marched into manufacturing all through final 12 months’s shutdown (one who continues to critically injury the trade), two key questions had to be spoke back. First, can it’s finished safely with all precautions taken to give protection to the well being of solid and workforce? And 2d, is that this undertaking truly value it, value all the myriad difficulties hooked up, each monetary and logistical? For talky heist rom-com Locked Down, it sounds as if as though protection used to be ensured and maintained (in contrast to many different shoots, no phrase emerged of on-set infections) however vitally, the small topic of “however must we?” seems to had been crucially, and tragically, overpassed. For no longer most effective would the movie had been an unbearable bore with out a world pandemic raging on however given the added stresses and traces and imaginable threat all in favour of making it now, its lifestyles appears like much more of an offence, a head-smashingly redundant waste of time, ability, power and assets, a surprisingly early but completely convincing contender for worst movie of the 12 months.

Its straight-out-of-the-gate awfulness recollects creator, and Peaky Blinders writer, Steven Knight’s in a similar way disastrous January stinker Serenity which kicked off 2019 because the 12 months’s maximum heinous and impressively held that place via to the sour finish. However that movie, a pretentious noir mystery starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and an enormous tuna named Justice, had a twist so hilariously silly that through the top it was a a laugh two-bottles-of-wine hate-watch. This time round then again, the one a laugh one would possibly have is mercifully switching it off within the first act and doing in actuality anything as an alternative (looking at a clean wall in general silence can be preferable).

What makes its stench that a lot tougher to undergo is that during a unique universe, with an excessively other script, there’s one thing right here that will have flown, particularly at this second. On paper, and within the deceptively snappy trailer, the theory of 2 horny, charismatic and adept film stars flirting and arguing their manner via a pandemic-assisted Harrods diamond heist turns out like a giddy method to spend but every other night time caught in entrance of the TV. However even an skilled director like Doug Liman, who assembled no longer dissimilar elements with a a long way surer hand within the slick and entertaining Mr and Mrs Smith, can’t to find sufficient room to respire with Knight’s ungainly, faux-intellectual discussion suffocating each and every scene. Because the warring soon-to-be-criminal couple, trapped in a West London area in combination all through the pandemic, a returning Hathaway (who truly must know higher) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (who merits a lot better), additionally to find it exhausting to promote and even perceive a lot of the sub-latter-day Woody Allen-esque waffle they’re caught with, sentenced to strains which are each overwritten but underdeveloped. There also are transient Zoom cameos from Ben Stiller, Mindy Kaling, Stephen Service provider and Ben Kingsley, who can all a minimum of provide an explanation for away their low-stakes involvement as the results of sheer boredom.

We’ve already noticed that frantically scrambling in combination a movie all through lockdown can lead to not likely greatness, as proved final summer season through Rob Savage’s creative, micro-budget cyber-horror Host, but if scrambled in combination with out care or time for a much-needed 2d, 3rd, fourth and 5th draft of the script, the end-product will also be forgettable at very best and embarrassing at worst. Locked Down is each and extra, a lifeless assemblage of half-thought via concepts written with such utter shoddiness, it’s a miracle HBO Max ended up purchasing it (its swift last-minute sell off implies some severe purchaser’s regret). As a heist film it’s willfully unexciting and completely incompetent, with a slightly understandable and bizarrely unmotivated scheme riddled with evident plot-holes and as a romantic comedy, it’s similarly lifeless on arrival because of a couple of enthusiasts who rarely make sense as fictional characters let by myself actual other people. Each actors paintings admirably exhausting at hanging a sheen at the subject material, the usage of their substantial blended allure for some painfully heavy lifting, however because the punishingly overlong two-hour movie progresses (it’s going to be a miracle if even 1/2 of its audience make it previous the midpoint), they to find it unimaginable to do anything else instead of stay their heads down in disgrace and race to the finale, hoping to emerge unscathed.

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The movie is hinged on a quite regrettable gender dynamic that means the pair – her, an completed bread-winning businesswoman and him, a wannabe poet known as Paxton who’s misplaced his “wild” aspect after being compelled right into a low-level riding activity as a result of he used to be convicted of killing a person in a noble struggle years previous (!?!?!) – can be a lot happier in the event that they returned to a extra conventional “Me Tarzan, You Jane” setup. Knight’s script possesses an similarly tiresome view of the lockdown, painted as an annoyance quite than a important protection measure (described as “idiotic” and “insane” all through one of the insufferable monologues) and the movie by no means as soon as turns out to take any understand of the wear and tear inflicted through the virus, simply how bored it makes our central duo. Their boredom is made much more arduous when coupled with their excessive privilege, each holed up in a sumptuous multi-level area in an prosperous borough as the arena crashes round them. There are lots of, many misfiring makes an attempt at comedy (isn’t Zoom anxious lol and many others) however no shaggy dog story lands with relatively as a lot of a thud as Ejiofor’s motive force being compelled to make use of the faux identify of Edgar Allen Poe whilst being satisfied that safety guards can be too uneducated to grasp who this is. It’s a habitual gag that’s as snobby as it’s dreadfully unfunny and prefer a lot of the encompassing movie it leaves a bitter, unsightly style that lingers.

Quite than simply offering us with a serviceable caper, Knight ambitiously objectives for profundity as an alternative, a call that kills his limp movie at start (“Even prior to the fucking virus we have been all locked down in our personal routines” is the extent of perception we’re left with). It’s a moronic script written as though it’s in reality extremely good, resulting in the worst more or less dangerous film, attaining for the celebrities however tripping over itself prior to it may possibly even get up. My recommendation for surviving 2021 is modest: put on a masks, wash your arms and please, please stay your distance from Locked Down.

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