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PSA: Cyberpunk 1.1 patch introduces save-killing Down on the Street bug

The most recent patch for Cyberpunk 2077 has presented a malicious program which is able to doubtlessly motive you to be not able to development within the sport.  On the finish of the search Down within the Boulevard, the nature Goro Takemura calls the participant. Earlier to at least one.1 he simply would not name once in a while, halting the sport. Now Takemura can name the participant and simply… now not talk. And that is the reason it.

Merely reloading an older save does not repair this downside, because the malicious program  will reoccur. That implies your saves from after the malicious program occurs are all misplaced in the case of sport development. However there’s a repair if you are fortunate sufficient to have a save from ahead of the malicious program.

CD Projekt reinforce has a short lived repair, amongst others posted on boards. Here is the way it works: First, Load a save from ahead of V and Takemura go away Wakako’s place of work. As soon as V finishes the dialog with Takemura outdoor the place of work and the search development updates, straight away skip forward 23 hours. This must make the decision and dialog occur.

The Cyberpunk 2077 1.1 patch, which launched on Friday, used to be most commonly composed of bugfixes and optimization. Significantly, it fastened a prior malicious program with the Down within the Boulevard quest… however presented this one.

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