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The Best Tabletop RPGs That Aren't 'Dungeons & Dragons'

Tabletop role playing flat lay with colorful RPG game dice, character sheet, rule book, and treasure chest on wooden table

Since its inception in 1974, Dungeons & Dragons has remained one of the crucial well-liked video games in historical past, and it’s even known as the root for contemporary video games that use a role-playing mechanic. Alternatively, it’s a long way from the one role-playing recreation (RPG) available in the market, so if myth adventures aren’t up your alley, possibly zombies or eldritch horrors or prison heists are.

Dungeons & Dragons is liked as it we could avid gamers create person characters which might be then led via improbable adventures, dealing with peril and rewards alongside the best way, by the hands of the individual working the sport, referred to as the Dungeon Grasp (DM). Within the recreation, each the avid gamers and the DM use cube to resolve more than a few movements and feature a manual to reference knowledge for characters, movements, monsters, motion, and extra .

For many RPGs, it is very important create a personality. Not like board video games, the place you merely use a meeple or different ready-to-use token, you’ll use a manual or regulations sheet to flesh out your personality. This may come with a reputation, perhaps a backstory, and different parts like their elegance or abilities. Elegance determines what the overall function your personality performs, like opponents (this would come with a warrior or monk), spellcasters (a sorcerer, warlock, or cleric), or somebody that’s excellent at sneaking round (a rogue). Abilities are your personality’s skill to do issues, like “sleight of hand” for stealing or “belief” for effectively having a look round to look other folks, traps, and so on.

Maximum different RPGs generally tend to observe this system to a point, even though some have their very own method of doing issues, and that’s the place issues get a laugh.

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Issues to Stay in Thoughts with Tabletop RPGs

In case you’ve already performed a tabletop RPG, when you’ve got a good figuring out of the way they generally tend to paintings. However for those who haven’t, right here are some things so that you can take into consideration earlier than beginning a recreation of your personal:

  • Selection of Avid gamers: What number of avid gamers do you want to play the sport? Most often talking, maximum RPGs are intended for small teams of more or less 3 to 6 other folks along with the Recreation Grasp (GM). Some video games might state outright the specified minimal or most collection of avid gamers, whilst for others, it merely is dependent upon what your GM feels they may be able to accommodate.
  • Time Dedication: Except you’re gambling a one-shot recreation, depend on there wanting to be more than one recreation classes to finish the tale. Remember to communicate along with your staff to discover a time that works for all of you to get in combination (whether or not in particular person or on-line) each week or with the intention to play for a couple of hours. You’ll play each time, however gambling ceaselessly is helping the main points keep contemporary in everybody’s minds.
  • Problem Stage: Many of those tabletop RPGs are supposed to be a laugh, lighthearted, and simple to play so that any one—without reference to their enjoy with RPGs—can bounce in and revel in a recreation. Others may not be thought to be as newbie pleasant, and would require an skilled GM and avid gamers to get probably the most out of them. Remember to communicate amongst your staff to discover a recreation that’s a pleasing are compatible, and be prepared to assist new avid gamers get the grasp of items as they move.
  • Apparatus: Each and every recreation calls for a special aggregate of apparatus; this is to mention, such things as cube (normally a six-sided die, referred to as a D6, or cube with extra or fewer faces like a D4, D12, or D20), personality sheets, tokens, playing cards, and minis. And past the sport, it’s possible you’ll even want such things as pencils, paper, and snacks.
  • Content material Kind: The unbelievable factor about role-playing video games is they’re most effective restricted by way of the imaginations of the individuals. The open-endedness of those video games approach they’re in a position to encompassing actually any form of being or state of affairs, relying only at the creativity of your Recreation Grasp. Remember to’re acutely aware of the forms of content material the sport might comprise or contact on, and communicate along with your GM if there are topics they will have to keep away from.
  • Prices: Purchasing the books and kit had to play those video games in most cases isn’t too expensive. The majority of tabletop RPGs most effective generally tend to price round $20-$30 for starter units or elementary tools for a unmarried participant. Alternatively, remember that the price of such things as handbooks, cube, and minis can upload up through the years. And hi there, odds are, somebody you already know most certainly already owns the sport and is prepared to make use of their replica.

A Fast Notice on Pathfinder

Excluding Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder is possibly probably the most well known tabletop RPG available in the market. Alternatively, its first version was once a changed model of the 3rd version of Dungeons & Dragons; likewise, the 5th version of D&D included most of the benefits Pathfinder had over earlier D&D variations. Since the two are reasonably entangled, and since we wish you to look a broader number of tabletop RPGs, we aren’t going to concentrate on this identify. That being stated, if you have an interest in studying extra about Pathfinder, that’s superior and you’ll be able to view its sources on its writer’s site.

Mysteries and Horror, Oh My!: Name of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu RPG game art of Cthulhu and scared investigators

Name of Cthulhu ($24.99) is a horror-fiction RPG created by way of Chaosium that’s in keeping with pulp horror writer H. P. Lovecraft’s tale of the similar call. The place Dungeons & Dragons has categories like rogue, cleric, warlock , and the like, Name of Cthulhu has its one to 5 avid gamers, referred to as investigators, tackle occupations like detectives, students, criminals, hobos, and so on. The sport revolves round fixing a chain of occult-based mysteries.

Video games are normally set in the USA within the early 1900s, however in a darker model of our international; however, once more, issues are in the end as much as the GM, and regulations and statistics are supplied for GMs short of to set their recreation in other places/when. The sport is skill-based—which means they’ll roll cube to resolve whether or not or no longer their “belief” motion was once a success—and avid gamers will beef up their abilities as the sport is going on. There are not any hit issues or ranges, and percentile cube are used to resolve failure or good fortune for an motion.

Possibly probably the most distinctive and thrilling mechanic from Name of Cthulhu is sanity, which every participant will want to take care of as they get to the bottom of the horrors of the arena round them. Normally, after they come upon a horrific state of affairs or being, the GM can have them roll sanity and it’s as much as the cube to resolve whether or not or no longer a participant loses slightly of theirs. And take into accout, victory—and even sanity—isn’t assured on this recreation, without reference to whether or not you play it as a one-shot consultation or unfold your recreation out over more than one years.

The Name of Cthulhu Starter Set is all new avid gamers will want to get began, because it features a solo journey, quick-start regulations, situations for one to 5 avid gamers, and ready-made characters, maps, handouts, and cube. There’s additionally the Recreation Keeper Rulebook and Investigator Guide to be had, in conjunction with more than a few different expansions for veteran avid gamers.

Clearly, the sport can also be relatively grim now and then, with demise, mutilation, and different mystic (and most certainly cult- or Eldritch-based) horrors abound. Alternatively, regardless of its darker dispositions, Name of Cthulhu stays one of the crucial well-liked historic RPGs up to now and is lots of a laugh for any individual who loves fixing mysteries, frightening messed-up stuff, and Lovecraftian fiction. You’ll additionally hop on YouTube and concentrate to the various one-shots or long-running campaigns of the sport.

Cyberpunk Rebel: Shadowrun

Shadowrun cyberpunk style art with neon lights on a dark background

If it’s cyberpunk, you’re after, delete your replica of Cyberpunk 2077 off your laptop and birth gambling the 5th version of Shadowrun (begins at $19.99). The sport takes position within the close to long term of a fictional universe the place myth, magic, and cybernetic beings coexist. Avid gamers will care for parts of city cyberpunk crime—like company war and business espionage—in conjunction with such things as horror and conspiracies whilst gambling detective.

Shadowrun‘s personality introduction gadget is a bit of other from the ones of different RPGs. It doesn’t actually have categories, however relatively personality archetypes you’ll be able to paintings against, like a boulevard samurai. The concern-based gadget divides stated priorities into attributes, abilities, magic, and sources. Characters are created with contacts or acquaintances and buddies throughout the personality’s community, who will strategically unveil knowledge or another way help the nature as the tale winds on. Avid gamers too can negotiate for abilities their characters lack.

Human and metahuman characters additionally want to take care of their essence all the way through the sport. Such things as frame amendment or substance dependancy can harm essence, even if cybermancy does permit metahumans to live to tell the tale if they’ve 0 (or much less) essence. Likewise, avid gamers will accrue Karma issues that may be spent on development out abilities or boosting attributes, which in flip make their personality more potent or get advantages them in different ways.

You’ll birth off with the Shadowrun Newbie Field Set is all you’ll want to get began. It contains pre-generated characters, simplified regulations, cube, journey hooks, a ready-to-run journey, and a solo journey for one personality. Skilled avid gamers can decide to shell out for extra gear and adventures as wanted.

As you’d be expecting from the rest with a cyberpunk atmosphere, you’ll be coping with loopy generation, mega-corporations, frame amendment, and crime syndicates. However Shadowrun‘s addition of magic and myth (and a hefty dose of politics) is what makes it stick out from different cyberpunk video games, and it’s a shockingly a laugh twist on what you’d most often be expecting from such an RPG.

Fable Legal Capers: Blades within the Darkish

Blades in the Dark game art of man in a mask and characters fighting on stairs
Evil Hat

Do you will have a deep and abiding love for 19th century Victorian London and Gothic fiction? If this is the case, you’ll certainly want to check out your hand at Blades within the Darkish ($30). The city myth recreation places avid gamers within a prison group and has them seizing cash, assets, or even infamy as they paintings their method up throughout the town’s prison underbelly.

In Blades within the Darkish, a cataclysmic tournament has destroyed the solar, inflicting the town of Doskvol to be solid in perpetual night time. Naturally, this makes it simple for crimes to head left out and for criminals to change into increasingly more brazen. Characters tackle archetypes like thieves, smugglers, opponents, mechanics, alchemists, or (after all) nefarious traders of products which were, uh, let’s say another way received. They then come in combination as a small team of criminals (which itself makes use of a communal personality sheet), which beneficial properties affect throughout the international and has the power to offer bonuses to be shared a few of the staff.

The sport itself is reasonably fast paced, and has regulations and mechanics which might be obviously outlined and that leaves little room for dialogue or feeling unprepared. This implies you’ll at all times be proper in the midst of the motion, and it makes the sport tremendous approachable for any individual new to RPGs or who doesn’t relish the enjoy of spending hours making plans and debating issues. All avid gamers want to do is make a decision which sort of plan the characters will execute as one is wanted.

A normal consultation of Blades within the Darkish will characteristic one or two main occasions in conjunction with more than a few side-story parts, and can also be completed in any place from two to 6 hours. Inside the recreation, characters can have duties and objectives (referred to as rankings) to finish, however they’ll even have downtime for indulging their vices or coping with the repercussions of earlier movements.

The whole thing you’ll want to play the sport is incorporated within the field, like regulations for developing characters and crews, and a atmosphere information. General, Blades within the Darkish gives fuss-free myth prison capers that are ideal for skilled and newbie avid gamers alike.

Card-Based totally Zombie Survival: Zombie International

Zombie World game box and top-down view of some of the included cards
Magpie Video games

We right here at Overview Geek assume zombies are the bees knees, which is why we’re excitedly recommending the card-based Zombie International (begins at $24.99). The sport makes a speciality of a bunch of people that survived a zombie apocalypse and are actually coping with the aftermath and simply looking to proceed surviving in the future at a time.

Inside of Zombie International, you’ll use playing cards to create characters and scenarios in addition to to get to the bottom of conflicts. And excellent information for learners (and impatient other folks): It most effective takes an issue of mins to create a personality. Not more spending hours rolling out characters … no longer that that isn’t a laugh.

You’ll decide to shop for both the Core Field or the Complete Set. The Core Field contains the 36-page rulebook; playmats for the GM, enclave, characters, and elementary motion pictures; a dry erase marker; 110 playing cards (together with benefits, inhabitants, and enclaves); and 16 Pasts, Gifts, and Traumas along a Survivor Deck, a Chew Deck, and a Destiny Deck. The Complete Set contains the entirety within the Core Field along with 18 Inhabitants playing cards, 27 Identification playing cards, four Benefit playing cards, four Destiny playing cards, and a pair of Enclave playing cards. There also are two expansions, if you need further enclave choices.

Actually Simply Bears Seeking to Thieve Honey: Honey Heist

Honey Heist game logo of honey dripping off bear paw
Grant Howitt

The idea that of Honey Heist may well be foolish, however the adventures ready available on this tabletop RPG are significantly a laugh. Honey Heist is a one-shot tabletop RPG during which each participant is a endure and everybody works in combination to heist scrumptious honey from a stronghold. The only-page rule sheet, personality sheets, and cover sheets are to be had at the author’s website with a name-your-own-price immediate.

The precise main points of the heist are normally left as much as the Recreation Grasp, or on this example, the Honey Grasp, however a elementary framework is incorporated at the regulations sheet. Developing characters is a handy guide a rough and easy procedure, most effective requiring avid gamers to select what form of endure they’re (grizzly, panda, and so on), a descriptor (rookie or washed-up, as an example), and a particular function (motive force, brains, muscle, and so forth). There’s additionally an advantage hat desk you’ll be able to employ if you need your endure to put on a hat, which is superb only for a laugh in addition to for disguises.

Within the recreation, bears birth with 3 issues and feature two ever-changing stats: endure and prison. Endure is used for mauling, working, mountaineering, taking harm and, no longer strangely, doing endure stuff. On the other hand, prison is used for doing stuff that’s no longer endure stuff. When your endure will get pissed off, reminiscent of when a plan fails, you’ll transfer one level from prison into endure. Likewise, when a plan is a success, you’ll transfer some extent from endure into prison.

You’ll additionally voluntarily transfer issues backward and forward between the 2 classes as wanted by way of both doing a flashback scene or consuming a load of honey. If one in all your stats reaches six, on the other hand, that’s the tip for ya.

All you’ll want to get began are the downloadable PDF guides, personality sheets, cover sheets, and possibly some honey to snack on. There’s quite a few room for hilarious honey hijinks on this recreation, and it’s best in your go-to RPG staff and even for youngsters!

Storytelling Long past Unsuitable: Fiasco

Fiasco game logo with a match, a bomb, and a shadowy hand against a spiraling red background
Bully Pulpit Video games

Everybody likes cinematic stories of capers long past disastrously flawed, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with Fiasco ($25). Within the recreation, you’ll inform tales about other folks with numerous ambition and deficient impulse keep an eye on. And, within the procedure, you’re extraordinarily prone to harm reputations and are living, however you may also achieve a bit of knowledge. With a bit of luck you fare higher than your fighters.

Fiasco is a GM-less recreation for 3 to 5 avid gamers that may be finished in an issue of hours. You’ll have the entirety you want to start out your recreation within the field, together with the folding recreation board, regulations e book, Fiasco Engine deck, 3 54-card playset decks, and participant reference playing cards. You’ll want 4 D6 of 2 distinctive colours as well as, even though.

There are more than one playsets you’ll be able to choose between, relying on which particular atmosphere you need to play, with choices like Primary Side road, Stories from Suburbia, Boomtown, and The Ice, even if extra are to be had within the Core Rulebook. Each and every playset features a description of the atmosphere, and 6 teams every of relationships, wishes, notable items, and notable places. Avid gamers take turns rolling and opting for the D6 to Identify or Get to the bottom of more than a few sides of the sport to development the plot. On the finish, with every participant having performed 4 scenes, the end result for every participant is made up our minds by way of rolling the accumulated cube.

The sport is based closely on storytelling and collaborative function gambling, so make sure everybody on your staff is pleased with this (and is optimistically even fascinated with it). Fiasco has a tendency to mission into subject matters of black comedy and counts on characters having robust ambitions, silly failures, and deficient impulse keep an eye on, so be sure that your avid gamers are pleased with Coen brothers-style content material earlier than beginning.

Reside, Snort, Overlook, Kill: Thousand Yr Previous Vampire

The book that contains the Thousand Year Old Vampire RPG

Neatly, we’ve coated Lovecraftian horrors, cyberpunk criminals, zombies, and bears up to now, however there’s one essential creature we’ve got but to the touch on: vampires. Thankfully, Thousand Yr Previous Vampire (begins at $15) has a vampire and doesn’t take one thousand years to play. The original recreation is designed as a solo journaling RPG, but it surely will also be performed with a bunch of buddies.

Thousand Yr Previous Vampire comes within the type of a e book (and more or less resembles a scrapbook), with room to jot down down your responses to activates, even though we propose writing the entirety down one by one, like in Google Doctors, if you need the sport to stay legible for long term playthroughs. Within the recreation, you’re chronicling the centuries of your vampire personality’s existence, beginning simply earlier than they’re grew to become. Gameplay is semi-random and prompt-driven, permitting you to create a novel tale. For every flip, you’ll roll each a D6 and a D10, and subtract one from the opposite to transport ahead or backward throughout the activates accordingly.

Each and every immediate adjustments your vampire—affecting such things as their sources and partners—and has you upload a brand new enjoy in your personality sheet, which can also be as long or as brief as you need. You’ll additionally hyperlink 3 studies in combination to create recollections, even if your vampire can most effective take into accout 5 recollections at a time (even though the diary expands this to 4 extra). So all the way through the sport, you’ll repeatedly should be opting for which recollections to stay and which you’ll want to “omit.”

Activates are the center of the sport, and for probably the most phase, they build up the collection of characters entering your tale and grant you further sources and talents. In the end, on the other hand, you’ll begin to lose some, and while you lose the entirety, you’re lifeless. By way of the sport’s finish, you’re left with a existence trail spanning centuries that’s full of the various mortals and immortals you met alongside the best way, and the recollections you made a decision to stay.

Thousand Yr Previous Vampire seamlessly blends role-playing with ingenious writing for a novel RPG enjoy. The sport is undoubtedly a balancing act between introduction and deletion. And whilst all of it comes right down to the few recollections your vampire keeps all the way through their existence, the sport, just like existence itself, is actually extra in regards to the adventure than the place we finally end up.

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