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What did you play last week?

Rachel Watts performed Bugsnax, the sport of frame horror and strawberry elbows. It seems that in the back of that catchy theme track lurks a global whose characters are a long way too fascinated by consuming sentient snack meals that can then change into them into Cronenberg nightmares with sizzling canine palms and boiled egg noses.

Christopher Livingston performed Automotive Dealer Simulator, which has extra intercourse and dying than you’ll suppose. It is a automobile salesman sim, principally a spreadsheet sport, however one that may contain getting frisky behind a automobile stolen from a mob boss, doing away with actual shady loans, and inevitably getting whacked. What japes.

Joe Donnelly performed GTA On-line, roleplaying a battle membership boss. When that went south he determined to start out a brand new gang—one who was once much less violent, and no more more likely to land him in prison. Which is how he and a few different gamers invented the Pleasant Boys, a band of shirtless lads who in reality revel in healthy singalongs.

Wealthy Stanton has been taking part in Name of Accountability: Chilly Battle’s grimy bomb mode, which throws as much as 40 gamers in combination in an absolute shemozzle. Fireteams parachute in to compete over uranium, which they fill the aforementioned grimy bombs with in a race to make the primary one cross increase. It appears like general chaos, in each just right tactics and unhealthy.

Jeremy Peel additionally performed Black Ops – Chilly Battle, exploring East Berlin within the marketing campaign. It is a attention-grabbing little bit of historical past and recreating a few of it elevates the standard CoD nonsense, including illicit German rock track and Stasi informants and, in fact, a shuttle below the Berlin Wall in a tunnel.

Sufficient about us. What about you? Have you ever been parkouring up a cyberpunk skyscraper in Ghostrunner, watching beautiful colours and choosing up loot in Godfall, or combating change The us around the hexgrid of Möbius Entrance ’83? Tell us!

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