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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Orichalcum guide: Ubisoft's daily challenges for special rewards

Murderer’s Creed Odyssey asks you to assemble a large number of stuff. Cash, buddies, and sailors are just the beginning of it: There may be additionally picket, leather-based, iron, glass, and a couple of different necessities had to improve your equipment and your send. Then there may be Orichalcum, a unique sparkling ore that one, and just one, service provider accepts for cost. The excellent news is, this one service provider has a shop filled with critically superior stuff. His identify is Oikos of the Olympians and he may also be discovered close to the docks of Pilgrim’s Touchdown in Phokis (do not be concerned, the primary quest takes you there beautiful temporarily).

Like Xur from Future 2, Oikos carries a rotating inventory of uncommon and strong armors and guns available to buy the use of Orichalcum. He additionally has a loot field which accommodates a thriller merchandise but in addition has an opportunity of netting you one of the vital top rate beauty pieces from the in-game microtransaction retailer. As soon as you will have after all crushed everything of the Odyssey marketing campaign, discovering Orichalcum and purchasing stuff from Oikos shall be one of the vital few causes to play every week.

This is the place Oikos is positioned.

How you can earn Orichalcum 

Day by day contracts (10 Orichalcum) and Weekly contracts (40 Orichalcum)

To begin incomes Orichalcum, head to any message board. There may be this kind of in each the town on the base of a statue of Hermes (the messenger of the gods), and there may be additionally a message board at the major mast of your send. Orichalcum quests are set on timers, and two quests refresh day by day and another sophisticated quest pops up weekly. Having a look throughout the record of misplaced goats and blood feuds towards native bandits, to find the search marked by way of a swirly blue image.

The hunt itself shall be beautiful customary and seem to be randomly generated only for those day by day occasions. My quest, To Save a Mockingbird, was once a choice for lend a hand from a author. Ugh, writers. Not anything however hassle. I discovered the author on an remoted cliffside. She wrote a poem mocking a neighborhood guy for having a small penis, and now he is coming with buddies to kill her.

Here is the place issues get bizarre: Orichalcum quests seem to be extra liable to insects than different quests. Perhaps it is because they are put in combination only for those occasions, or possibly I had a string of unhealthy good fortune. However once I killed the offended dudes, the author pegged me as adverse and began to run away. I stopped up chasing her everywhere the island ahead of I were given shut sufficient to cause a wholly customary dialog: “Ah, thank you for caring for the ones males. Here is your pay. I indisputably have not been working clear of you for a number of mins.”

Every day by day quest finished earns you 10 Orichalcum, and a finished weekly quests earns you 40 Orichalcum.

This is an instance of one of the vital weekly Orichalcum quests.

Discovering Orichalcum deposits whilst exploring

When you’ve finished all of your contracts for the day, there also are loads of person Orichalcum deposits out on this planet. However just right good fortune discovering any. In round 45 hours of play, I have simplest come throughout 3 person chunks of Orichalcum, and so they had been simply sitting on random mountainsides like another iron ore deposit, simplest sparkling blue.

Thankfully, there is a easy technique to spotlight all of them at the map. The in-game microtransaction retailer sells a map for slightly below $10 USD that’ll mark each Orichalcum deposit to your map. Paying for that’s for suckers, even though, so as an alternative check out this information by way of Cling to Reset. They purchased the map and took footage of every zone so you’ll be able to simply reference that as an alternative of coughing up your hard earned money. 

Oikos’ inventory of treasured pieces refreshes every week.

What to shop for with Orichalcum 

There may be precisely one guy in all of Greece that accepts Orichalcum for cost: Oikos of the Olympians. Oikos has a small tent close to the docks in Kirrha, a the town in Pilgrim’s Touchdown, the central area of Phokis. Phokis is the primary country at the first landmass you come back to after leaving Kephallonia, so it is most probably you will have already been there. To your map, Oikos is marked by way of the similar blue squiggle image you noticed at the quest list.

Oikos simplest has a few issues to supply, however just like the quests his inventory adjustments weekly. Every week he will be offering 3 epic (pink) pieces and one mythical (orange) merchandise. Selecting out a person merchandise prices between 40 and 100 Orichalcum, with the mythical ones being the costliest. A thriller loot field—sorry, I imply Olympian Reward—is less expensive at simplest 20 Orichalcum, however it is random whether or not you get one thing you wish to have or now not. The only factor that makes those lootboxes fascinating is that there’s additionally a small likelihood to earn one of the vital beauty pieces offered simplest within the microtransaction retailer. So if you do not need to cough up more money to experience Pegasus into combat (and who may just blame you), that is the one technique to get the ones cosmetics free of charge.

When you do make a decision to avoid wasting your ore for every other day, you’ll be able to stay monitor of your general at the map display screen, simply to the correct of your present gold quantities. Once more, search for the blue squiggle—however this time, it is carved at the entrance of a sparkling rock.

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