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Crazybaby Air 1S review: Good sound in a questionable design

Excellent sound • with tough bass • Light-weight and at ease

Massive • not-so-portable wearing case • Awful battery lifestyles • Bluetooth pairing procedure will also be tense

Whilst the Crazybaby Air 1S are actually wi-fi earbuds, a cumbersome wearing case with best 12-hours of battery lifestyles makes it a troublesome promote with a bass-heavy combine and a problematic pairing procedure.

Whilst you bring to mind “true wi-fi earphones,” likelihood is that your intellect is going immediately to AirPods. The all-white buds from Apple that experience just about common reputation.

Crazybaby targets to switch that with the Air 1S. Those new true wi-fi earbuds (“true” as a result of there is not any cable connecting the buds to one another) double down on offering nice sound with a tiny design.

The Air 1S earbuds are a follow-up to Crazybaby’s flagship Air, which introduced in 2017. The ones earbuds have been “the sector’s first carbon nanotube wi-fi headphones,” a connection with the fabric within the speaker drivers. Crazybaby than made the earbuds extra transportable with out sacrificing sound within the $99 Air Nanos.

Crazybaby is pricing those Air 1S earbuds at $159 (precisely the similar as AirPods, natch) with a charging case that is very similar to the unique Air.

However in a marketplace the place AirPods are so dominant, is there room for an similarly priced Crazybaby Air 1S?

A not-so-portable case with a suggestive design

A tubular case design sets it apart from the rest.

A tubular case design units it except the remainder.

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The Crazybaby Air 1S earbuds reside in an extended tubular wearing case in regards to the period of an iPhone X. It right away jogged my memory of the mind-wiper from  Males in Black. Typically the tubular design is awkward — you’ll be able to’t simply grasp it on your entrance or again pants wallet. Compared to AirPods, it is a little traumatic that the case is such a lot greater; you truly wish to throw it in a bag if you will lift it round.

The earphones themselves are available in Big name Grey or House Silver; I have been checking out the grey ones. Every earbud is in regards to the dimension of 1 / 4, and the load is just about negligible. For a real wi-fi headphone, that is key. Even higher: every now and then, you put out of your mind that you’ve them on your ears.

The design of the Air 1S approach the bodily earbud sits nestled within the ear canal, whilst the remainder of the driving force and battery portion sits within the outer ear canal. It is beautiful at ease after a couple of mins of wear and tear. Since those are somewhat compact, they do not stick out and are much less noticeable to start with look than AirPods.

The case for the Crazybaby Air 1S is quite a bit larger than the one for Apple AirPods.

The case for the Crazybaby Air 1S is somewhat just a little greater than the only for Apple AirPods.


Within the case, the left and correct buds have designated spots within the case for charging, and they are explicit, that means the left bud may not are compatible in the fitting bud spot. You’ll open and shut the charging compartment from the highest of the case with a handy guide a rough round twist and pull. From there you set the buds with some precision after which slide the case closed. There’s no monitor or information for the Air 1S, simply the charging prongs. To verify the fee has began, look forward to the buds to glow purple.

The ground of the tubular case has a USB-C port (a twine comes within the field) for charging. I discovered that with the case and earbuds totally charged, you’ll be able to get thru a workday or about 12 hours of use. Alternatively, that is completely depending on the kind of tune. Extra on that later.

Connecting to the Air 1S

The Air 1S look sleek, but Bluetooth pairing is another story.

The Air 1S glance graceful, however Bluetooth pairing is some other tale.

Symbol: jake krol/mashable

This is the place the tale will get rather less easy. As with all Bluetooth headphones, the Air 1S buds contain a pairing procedure, and I hit a couple of bumps on that highway.

Whilst you first open the case, you spot the 2 buds and a big button with the Crazybaby brand on each and every of them. You wish to have to carry the button on each buds down for a couple of seconds to show it on or off. It will be great if preserving the button on both one would close off each.

The Air 1S confirmed up in my My iPhone X’s Bluetooth settings rather briefly. The fascinating factor is, along with paring for your software, you wish to have to pair the left and correct bud in combination and sync them. For this, you wish to have to have them close to each and every different and double-tap the button on each and every of them concurrently. The lighting fixtures will flash three times when paired after which will proceed flashing two occasions each and every five seconds. From there you must be set.

Whilst enjoying tune at the Crazybaby Air 1S, for probably the most section, did not reason problems, there have been a couple of occasions the place the relationship reduce out for 1-2 seconds after which got here again in. I got rid of the Air 1S and repaired them, however this nonetheless took place a couple of occasions over every week of checking out whilst streaming tune from Spotify or Apple Tune.

Crazybaby split up playback and voice assistant control to the left and right Air 1S earbuds.

Crazybaby cut up up playback and voice assistant keep watch over to the left and correct Air 1S earbuds.

Symbol: Debrah Block Krol/Mashable

Crazybaby splits up the controls by way of striking play and pause at the right-hand facet, with extra application options at the left-hand facet. Answering telephone calls and the usage of Siri is finished in the course of the left bud. The correct-hand facet handles playback and will even rewind a monitor. Apparently sufficient, there is not any quantity keep watch over at the gadgets themselves; it is important to keep watch over the extent out of your telephone.

An additional sweat- and rain-resistant coating

The aluminum build of the Air 1S has an extra IPX6 coating for water and sweat resistance.

The aluminum construct of the Air 1S has an additional IPX6 coating for water and sweat resistance.

Symbol: jake krol/mashable

Whilst the earbuds are small in design, Crazybaby put an additional coating of resistance to sweat and water at the Air 1S. Extra particularly, those headphones are IPX6-rated.

I put the score to the take a look at with a couple of runs. Whilst I wouldn’t have hyperhidrosis, I indubitably labored up a sweat, and I examined the Air 1S carefully. My revel in: You’ll hopefully put on those each within the fitness center and within the rain.

Along with an IPX6-rated design out of the field, Crazybaby comprises greater transparent silicone protecting coverings to move round each and every earbud. Whilst some other folks would possibly experience those, I discovered they have been tighter within the ear and no more at ease. 

Crazybaby includes several ear tips in the box designed for normal wear and a more protective one for workouts.

Crazybaby comprises a number of ear guidelines within the field designed for standard put on and a extra protecting one for exercises.


There also are extra conventional small again earbud guidelines that are compatible extra like those pre-installed. This manner you’ll be able to discover a dimension that is at ease in your ear. 

Those pump up the bass

The Air 1S earbuds fit comfortably in the ear canal and don't fall out.

The Air 1S earbuds are compatible very easily within the ear canal and do not fall out.

Symbol: Debrah Block Krol/Mashable

Whilst the total design every now and then could be a bit awkward, the earbuds sound incredible. Top, low, and midrange notes sound very transparent. And bass is truly unusually excellent for an earbud this dimension. 

I threw quite a lot of other songs on the Crazybaby Air 1S, and it treated virtually they all conveniently. I began off with some studio tracks like “Born to Run” by way of Bruce Springsteen. With those, the outlet snare drum got here thru crisp and led into the vintage medley that mixes a number of guitars, a piano, and horns. The vocals have been transparent as neatly. 

A monitor like Alessia Cara’s “How A long way I’ll Pass” from Disney’s Moana truly displays off the transparent stereo sound. The hole medley and light-weight bass tones are available in from all sides sooner than the vocals arrive with a sluggish hum in at the back of — then the extra tough drumbeats kick in. This tune has a number of vocal layers, high and low tones, with a bass this is jumbled in obviously during.

In the entire tracks I performed, the bass comes thru. For EMD, pop, rap, and rock tracks, the earbuds play neatly. In that, the bass will get raised, and it is noticeable, and the drumbeats can come down onerous. With classical tune and extra vocally targeted tracks, this mixture does not paintings as neatly. You’ll be able to most probably to find that the bass and drums will probably be too loud and canopy up vocals at the side of decrease tones. Additionally, since there is not any spouse app with Crazybaby, you’ll be able to’t customise the sound for your liking. 

Battery lifestyles falls flat

It's a precision process to charge the Air 1S.

It is a precision procedure to fee the Air 1S.

Symbol: jake krol/mashable

Like AirPods, the Air 1S fee by the use of the case, however the procedure of having them to fee will also be a subject. 

The primary few occasions I charged the Air 1S buds, I did not position them within the case as it should be. There is no such thing as a monitor for the buds to take a seat on, however relatively prongs for charging and magnetic power. There is not the gratifying click on assuring you that Air 1S are charging just like the AirPods. As a substitute, the Crazbabys glow purple when the charging procedure is operating. Wait for that.

Crazybaby claims a grand general of 12 hours of battery lifestyles (case+buds) and that’s the reason round what I were given. However the buds themselves ultimate round three hours with the amount round 75%. With the amount upper, you’ll be able to understand a far sooner drain. 3 hours of listening at the Air 1S falls 2 hours in need of AirPods’ rated battery lifestyles, which achieves five hours. With the case, regardless that, you’ll be able to lengthen the whole listening time with some recharges to 12 hours.

A drum noise will sound if you find yourself on fumes (a couple of minute to move), and that’s the reason the one caution. When this happens when you are strolling thru a town of status on a teach, it’s an added nuisance. It will be great if there used to be some customization to select while you get the low-power alert.

The cost for actually wi-fi

In the end, the Crazybaby Air 1S are a tough sell.

After all, the Crazybaby Air 1S are a difficult promote.

Symbol: jake krol/mashable

At $159, the Crazybaby Air 1S are the similar price of AirPods and fairly greater than the Beats X. What you are getting are actually wi-fi earbuds which are much less noticeable when on your ears, however have a clumsy wearing case that isn’t so transportable.

On this marketplace, I believe for the $159 value you must get the total package deal on the subject of a pleasing design encompassing the entire product. AirPods be offering a greater package deal because the wearing case is way smaller with extra battery lifestyles and will simply include you.

The Air 1S earbuds do get the activity performed and sound nice, albeit with fairly louder bass tones. Alternatively, the pairing procedure and deficient battery lifestyles cannot outweigh the ones. If you happen to truly need a smaller extra discrete earbud that may maintain beat drops, those may well be value taking a look at. For everybody else, I say glance in opposition to AirPods.

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