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Google's language techniques help O2 Czech Republic reveal network secrets

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O2 Czech Republic has demonstrated that Word2vec, a neural-network method evolved to grasp human languages, can interpret uncooked cell-tower records, doubtlessly bettering community efficiency. 

It additionally hopes to increase the approach to discover developments in buyer geolocation.

The unbiased community supplier, which licenses the O2 logo, is growing Word2vec to triumph over the issue of messy, unreliable records as a result of SIM playing cards connecting to community base transceiver stations, says Jan Romportl, O2 Czech Republic leader records scientist.

“Anyone who talks to me from outdoor the trade thinks we have were given nice geolocation records about all our consumers. When folks be informed the reality, they get very dissatisfied,” he tells ZDNet.

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The issue is that community base stations had been by no means designed to supply significant location records. Their connections to person gadgets can seem moderately random, and lots of handovers between cells aren’t recorded.

A recognized course, corresponding to a adventure through teach, seems to leap unpredictably between base stations, in line with the recorded records, making it very tricky to pinpoint the positioning from this supply by myself. GPS records, in the meantime, is simplest to be had to telephone operating-system suppliers and apps with which consumers have agreed to percentage the information.

The O2 Czech Republic data-science crew sought after to make use of information of touch between SIM playing cards and base stations to section its consumers in keeping with their patterns of motion, however it additionally sought after to make use of the information to give a boost to community efficiency.

Having grappled unsuccessfully with those issues, the crew grew to become to Word2vec, evolved through researchers led through Tomáš Mikolov at Google, to determine if it would expose the places of the ones base stations from uncooked community records with out further tagging or interpretation.

Word2vec is a bunch of machine-learning fashions that specific phrases as vectors, usually in 100 or extra dimensions, in keeping with research of a corpus of knowledge, such because the textual content from Wikipedia.

The method produces phrase embeddings, which records scientists can manipulate to create linguistically significant abstractions. For instance, the vector of ‘Queen’ is sort of equivalent to ‘King + Lady – Guy’.

The method isn’t most often used outdoor natural-language processing. However O2 Czech Republic’s data-science crew concept it will assist interpret the corpus of knowledge it collects from SIM playing cards connecting to base stations.

“We used completely no different data; simply simple textual content of the cellular ID tokens,” Romportl says.

The crew used Word2vec for every cellular, making a 100-dimensional vector for every of the 50,000 cellular IDs. The issue was once then to cut back the selection of dimensions to supply a significant interpretation of the information.

Having learn analysis revealed in 2018, one records scientist at the crew recommended a brand new set of rules referred to as Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection for Measurement Aid (UMAP).

“We had no thought the way it labored. We simply took the default parameters we had to cut back 100-dimensional area to a 2D area and simply did the scatter plot,” Romportl says.

They had been amazed through the consequences.

“It was once the most efficient issues I have observed in my data-science occupation. In case you turn from the scatter plot to take a look at the map of the Czech Republic, you’ll see the aid was once ready to create the longitude and latitude coordinates of every tower,” he says.

“That records was once no longer within the unique state. It was once only a circulation of tokens. The neural community is a common set of rules for dimensionality aid. It compressed all invisible patterns into 100D area, the entire patterns that relate to the positioning of the bottom stations. It was once a eureka second for us.”

O2 Czech Republic already knew the positioning of its base stations, however the findings offered at Teradata Universe EMEA Convention 2019 Madrid show that Word2vec can also be evolved to expose different hidden traits of the community, to assist give a boost to its efficiency and buyer revel in, he says.

The crew could also be making plans to make use of a comparable method, Doc2Vec, to staff consumers into segments in keeping with their adventure patterns, serving to outdoor companions in advertising and marketing and public-sector making plans, for instance.

Even though Word2vec has been used outdoor language processing, O2 Czech Republic’s solution to geospatial records is most likely a primary, says James Kobielus, lead analyst for records science at analysis corporate Wikibon.

“Those strategies were kicking round for some time, however what the O2 individuals are doing sounds very attention-grabbing. It is not the rest I have observed completed in different places and so far as I will inform it’s an innovation within the software of Word2vec,” he says.

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O2 Czech Republic’s paintings with Word2vec displays why records scientists will have to be allowed to experiment, says Torsten Volk, trade analyst at Endeavor Control Pals.

“Knowledge scientists are uncommon and price some huge cash to rent. Companies assume they’d higher produce one thing that works, so they have a tendency to make use of established tactics that produce effects. However they’re typically no longer exploring and discovering new issues.”

Organizations hoping to search out worth within the expanding volumes of knowledge they gather may take pleasure in a extra opened-ended solution to records sciences, exploring new programs of machine-learning tactics, as O2 Czech Republic has completed, he says.

Or they may look ahead to the contest to do it first. 

Umap scatter plot compared to a map of the Czech Republic.

Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection (UMAP) scatter plot in comparison to a map of the Czech Republic.

Symbol: Jan Romportl/O2 Czech Republic

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