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Halong Mining Is the First Bitcoin Mining Hardware Producer to Implement Overt AsicBoost

Halong Mining introduced lately, March 7, 2018, that it’s embedding AsicBoost in its DragonMint mining . Halong Mining is in a position to achieve this as it joined the Blockchain Defensive Patent License (BDPL), giving them get entry to to the patent-pending era, which makes use of a trick known as “edition rolling.” With AsicBoost, the DragonMint machines must be as much as 20 p.c extra power environment friendly than they might differently be.

“Now we have produced and can proceed to provide an important quantity of version-rolling AsicBoost enabled miners, sufficient to incentivize different producers to apply swimsuit, which they’re now freely ready to do in the event that they sign up for the blockchain defensive patent initiative to lend a hand offer protection to the trade from patent aggression,” the manufacturer writes in its announcement.

So far as publicly recognized, no different mining manufacturer has carried out the overt edition of AsicBoost in its application-specific built-in circuit (ASIC) chips up to now.


AsicBoost used to be invented by way of former CoinTerra CTO Timo Hanke in 2016. The era takes benefit of a quirk in Bitcoin’s proof-of-work set of rules, which shall we miners take a form of “shortcut” to discover a new block. This may also be performed each brazenly in addition to covertly — even though the latter variant is these days no longer as efficient on Bitcoin and has damaging negative effects, reminiscent of an incentive to restrict the overall collection of transactions which can be integrated in a block.

“Not like covert types of merkle grinding, [overt AsicBoost] has no incentives to create smaller blocks, nor does it intervene with upgrades to the Bitcoin protocol,” Halong Mining writes.

The Halong Mining announcement is the newest in a chain following the advent of the BDPL, an open initiative to proportion patents between licensees. Ultimate week, California-based Little Dragon Era LLC, the present holder of the pending AsicBoost patent, introduced its aim to enroll in the BDPL. This used to be adopted the day prior to this by way of an announcement from Bitcoin mining pool Slush Pool that its pool tool is now AsicBoost appropriate. Consistent with Halong Mining, mining swimming pools and Bitcoin India have since enabled AsicBoost enhance as neatly.

“After Little Dragon Era LLC obtained the patent from the unique inventors, we negotiated a license to make use of AsicBoost in our miners at the figuring out that AsicBoost can be opened as much as everybody to make use of, beneath some type of defensive patent license, within the hopes it could possibly lend a hand offer protection to decentralization of Bitcoin mining,” the Halong Mining announcement states.

In regards to the timing of the announcement, Halong Mining stated, “While this used to be being organized, we had been not able to announce our supposed use of AsicBoost era till the patent holder absolutely opened the patent for all to make use of beneath defensive licensing phrases which came about on March 1, 2018.”

Patent Controversy

Whilst AsicBoost has been topic to a lot controversy prior to now, maximum of that controversy surrounded the patent at the era — which might skew festival by way of state enforcement — and the alleged covert use of it. Through making the era similarly to be had to any corporate that joins the BDPL, Little Dragon Era hopes this controversy will come to an finish.

Halong Mining stocks this sentiment:

“It’s been an extended highway, however we imagine overt version-rolling can create the proper incentives for different patent holders within the trade to enroll in the BDPL and create a powerful, defensive pool of patents in alternate for get entry to to the era for power environment friendly optimization of the Bitcoin mining procedure.”

Moreover, each Little Dragon Era and Halong Mining stated that they hope the Blockchain Defensive Patent License, with AsicBoost now integrated, will supply a powerful incentive for all different mining producers to enroll in the initiative. This will require competing producers to proportion any patents beneath the similar license, probably rendering mining patents altogether out of date.

“The extra extensively deployed version-rolling is used, the more potent the incentives will change into, since version-rolling is the most productive type of AsicBoost and can ship potency positive aspects along with any optimizations or silicon procedure node,” Halong Mining mentioned.

BtcDrak, the pseudonymous Bitcoin developer in the back of Halong Mining, additionally proposed a Bitcoin Development Proposal (BIP) at the Bitcoin construction mailing record referencing AsicBoost. The proposal itself is extra generic, on the other hand, because it creates a future-proof area for mining optimizations that miners might get a hold of at some point.

Whilst overt use of AsicBoost does no longer require a Bitcoin protocol alternate, it is going to intervene with the established cushy fork activation procedure. Extra particularly, AsicBoost interferes with how some tool purchasers interpret possible cushy fork activation at the community, which might lead to false positives. To mitigate this possibility, tool purchasers may wish to be up to date to permit for fewer cushy fork upgrades concurrently.

“I apologise for the inconvenience upfront, however that is the unlucky results of restraints whilst negotiating to get the patent opened and certified defensively within the first position,” BtcDrak wrote.

Halong Mining informed Bitcoin Mag it expects to start out delivery DragonMint machines ahead of the top of March 2018.

For extra background and knowledge at the Blockchain Defensive Patent License and Little Dragon Era’s determination to enroll in the initiative, learn Bitcoin Mag’s duvet tale for this month: There Is a Bitcoin Patent Struggle Going On, however This Initiative May just Finish It.

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