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Hold your heads high, millennials and Gen Z! There are (at least) 6 things you haven't ruined

Permit me to start out this piece with a connection with a 1997 Backstreet Boys hit: Oh my God, they are again once more! Millennials and Gen Z, blamed for the decline of indubitably the whole lot via now, have if truth be told controlled to give a contribution to the resurgence of a number of conventional pieces akin to Polaroid cameras, libraries or even file gamers.  

Jason Dorsey, president of the Center for Generational Kinetics, a research company looking at millennials and Gen Z, says the internet has influenced the youths’ tendency to throw it back, giving them access to myriad vintage items.

“Vintage or retro is now the 1990s or the early 2000s. There’s a lot more of those (things) hanging around,” he says. “Having that really cool vintage camera – whether it’s a Polaroid or some other type – being interested in some vintage topic or hobby, you can now immediately find people or follow people on social media who share that same passion, hobby or interest.”

Dorsey’s household boasts both a record player and a Polaroid that his 8-year-old daughter requested after seeing it on YouTube.

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“In some ways, you could argue that it’s trendy right now to have these types of things, but we’ve always had periods of nostalgia with each generation,” he says. “In some ways, yes, it’s an expression, it’s a way to be unique, add something different. In many other ways, it’s actually a sense of connection around a commonality and a period in time that for many people maybe they thought was simpler, or maybe they felt had different priorities.”

The “Wild at Home” author reflected on the influence of indoor plants in a Q&A with Dwell published in June. 

“When you enter a green-filled space, you instantly feel a change in air quality. Plants clean the air and provide oxygen,” he said. “Watering and caring for my plants is time I find so therapeutic. It’s my meditation. And lastly, living with plants just makes you feel like you’re on a year-round vacation. It’s honestly the best kind of glamping.”

Contributing: Ryan W. Miller

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