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How Captain Spirit is helping Dontnod prep for Life is Strange 2

One in every of E3’s extra area of interest bulletins got here from Sq. Enix and developer Dontnod after they introduced no longer a sequel to Existence is Extraordinary, however quite The Adventures of Captain Spirit, an interquel set earlier than the still-in-development Existence is Extraordinary 2. 

Captain Spirit will handiest be one episode, and launches totally free on June 26th. If you are a developer thinking about Existence is Extraordinary‘s episodic layout, you could be to understand that in step with the sport’s inventive administrators, the sport appears to be a type of waypoint that displays the place Dontnod has been, and the place it is going with Existence is Extraordinary 2. 

That is what emerged all the way through a dialogue with Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch, inventive administrators at Dontnod, all the way through a talk at E3 two days after debuting their small sport to the sector. Not like the primary Existence is Extraordinary, which adopted the time-traveling Max, Captain Spirit follows a tender boy named Chris, whose creativeness and faux modify ego (for now) appear to be the one superpowers he has. 

Since generating any episodic sport manner that you are roughly development a rocket whilst launching it as rapid as conceivable, it used to be price asking Barbet and Koch why they set out on a facet journey whilst running on a much-anticipated sequel. 

“Captain Spirit we could us get ready ourselves” 

Consistent with them, the shift from Unreal three to Unreal four supposed they’d numerous new tech they needed to construct, and concurrently, they’d a brand new persona they had been creating who appeared to be a herbal are compatible for this quick journey. 

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In keeping with Barbet, “It isn’t a waste of time to paintings on Captain Spirit…it is like including a super-episode. We knew we needed to additionally polish and end Existence is Extraordinary 2, and Captain Spirit we could us get ready ourselves to totally release a brand new sport.” 


“[Captain Spirit] lets in us to coach ourselves to design with the ones new techniques of considering and interplay.”

Development on that, Barbet says that Captain Spirit gave Dontnod a possibility to experiment with and construct on mechanics from Existence is Extraordinary 1. “It lets in us to coach ourselves to design with the ones new techniques of considering and interplay.”

It used to be rather tricky to piece in combination exactly what Barbet used to be relating to (the demo of Captain Spirit used to be hands-off), however he appeared to be relating to a 3rd layer of interplay past “glance” and “contact,” the place Chris’ creativeness takes over and avid gamers can “exchange” the sector (despite the fact that it is just in the course of the eyes of a child.) 

Having a look thru Chris’ eyes additionally supposed taking a look at his new setting, and it is transparent that considered one of Existence is Extraordinary’s most enticing design issues has handiest lived on between two video games. What is been exceptional about those video games set within the “genuine” global has been the sheer choice of distinctive property created to replicate the lives of the characters. 

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Within the first sport, every dorm room of the scholars at Blackwell Academy had private items, images, artwork, and extra that mirrored their tastes and studies. In Captain Spirit, it is a higher array of toys, posters, and drawings that each one give Chris’ room a real looking really feel. 

What to an unusual participant would possibly simply be a herbal room is to any setting artist after all, a large tick list of distinctive property that wish to run in the course of the pipeline and no longer run over the to be had reminiscence finances. Koch says even supposing those items had been numerous paintings, they are additionally a design facet he thinks is very important to Existence is Extraordinary. 

The manufacturing price — and payoff — of environmental storytelling

“Probably the most issues in storytelling we actually like is environmental storytelling, that goes—as human beings—where you reside, the stuff round you is defining your self as a personality up to the nature itself,” he mentioned. “As a child, you will have heaps of toys, drawings, all of the small stuff that you simply cherish as a child, and while you develop up, you find that you simply leave out them, and also you misplaced them, and also you would not have them anymore.”

“And yeah, it used to be a problem on manufacturing as it manner developing numerous distinctive property we may not reuse, for every other room or persona, as it must be Chris’ toys and it cannot be verybody’s. However it is a laugh to do this and we predict we will inform so much about the ones characters with the surroundings.”

However after the primary Existence is Extraordinary, Barbet issues out those property don’t seem to be essentially “wasted” simply because they are handiest in a single scene. “You might want to see that, like in Existence is Extraordinary 1, you will have some distinctive issues. You might have noticed the dogman toy, and that could be a small component we like to stay.”

In order episodic advancement continues, it is a probability for the Dontnod workforce to seek out which means and emotional have an effect on in the ones small items, and resurface them when it is the proper time to remind avid gamers about who the nature is, and what their values are. 

Transferring between Existence is Extraordinary titles, it is after all vital to take into account that this collection offers with some heavy subjects. The primary sport depicts a suicide strive, has a instructor who attacks his scholars, and relives a violent automotive crash that modified Chloe’s lifestyles ceaselessly. 

Because the video games business grows older and struggles to take care of real-world topics, it is attention-grabbing to peer what Barbet and Koch have realized from the primary collection. “After we discuss tricky problems…the vital factor for us is to have characters that really feel sensible,” says Barbet, “so we do not wish to [show] a topic simply to discuss a topic.”

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“This matter has to strengthen our tale, to create additionally a troublesome option to make, and make the participant take into accounts it. That is the primary function we wish to do with our video games, in order a workforce we all know that, I’m hoping—we take a look at all in combination to do it in a great way.”

Barbet pauses earlier than revisiting Existence is Extraordinary’s scene the place Chloe’s pal Kate makes an attempt suicide. “Now and again it is tricky, as it is interactive. Now and again you’ll’t have nonsense, or you do not need to gameify some topics…I’m hoping we controlled to do [that scene] in the precise manner, no less than, away this is respectful.”

In Captain Spirit, Barbet says Chris’ alcoholic father introduced the workforce again to a an identical second. “It isn’t including some difficulties between Chris and his father for a laugh, this is because we wish to discuss this, and to permit the participant to take into accounts Chris…and why he would take shelter in his thoughts, in an imaginary global.”

Which, unusually, introduced our query again to artwork property, as Koch connected the workforce’s artwork procedure again to those bright moments for Chris. 

During Captain Spirit, Chris wanders right into a delusion global out of his creativeness, bringing the participant with him, and whilst development the ones worlds used to be a departure for a workforce that have been making real-world environments for a while, all of them needed to hyperlink again to Chris’ truth, his fears and anxieties. 

“That is the type of factor you’ll be able to uncover as you play as Chris, going into those imaginary worlds and the usage of creativeness and your Captain Spirit superpowers, it is a manner for avid gamers to find the ones underlying seams and problems with the nature they are having within the tale.”

So when The Adventures of Captain Spirit drops later this month imagine it no longer only a waypoint for the tale (and an creation for what Existence is Extraordinary 2 holds), but additionally a waypoint for its builders, a unprecedented probability to peer them processing what they have realized from one sport and making ready for the following. 

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