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'I felt like butter': Conor Maguire surfs 'Ireland's biggest wave' – video

Surfer Conor Maguire has claimed what could also be Eire’s biggest ever swell at Mullaghmore in County Sligo.

The world, which typically produces waves of six-nine metres (20-30toes) in top, was once hit via an extraordinary twist of fate of stipulations: the swell from Typhoon Epsilon on best of a mid-Atlantic melancholy which produced waves breaking virtually a mile out and touching, possibly, 18 metres in top.

After asking permission of the council and in coordination with the RNLI, it was once deemed suitable for Maguire and his workforce – together with 5 jetskis for protection – to trip.

‘In the beginning after I noticed the swell, I used to be like: ‘Oh fuck, after all it will occur all the way through lockdown,’’ Maguire mentioned of his probably record-breaking wave, including that ‘my primary fear was once to not offend any individual or put drive at the medical institution device’.

At the wave itself, the Maguire mentioned, ‘it was once clean, guy. I felt like butter or one thing … I simply roughly stood there [laughs]. Nevertheless it ended up catching up with me in spite of everything’

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