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Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind Review – A Series Of Letdowns

Kingdom Hearts fanatics are used to mad plot twists and cliffhangers that depart them with extra questions than solutions. The core Kingdom Hearts III revel in in any case equipped solution to putting threads, however the Re Thoughts DLC muddied the ones waters and made me really feel toyed with. Re Thoughts was once a chance for Sq. Enix to supply further context and shore up the tale’s weaknesses. As an alternative, this add-on feels extra like a director’s minimize, with just a few new scenes and tweaks to battles. It provides flashes of profitable content material, however Re Thoughts calls for an excessive amount of of avid gamers to peer it.

Re Thoughts takes you again to the Keyblade Graveyard series – the beginning of the bottom sport’s ultimate stretch. Sora travels again in time to seek for Kairi, hoping to vary the result of occasions. Alternatively, to take action on this DLC, he sacrifices his corporeal shape. I don’t wish to damage the rest, however the general tale is meaningless and outlandish. Be expecting drawn-out explanations for all of the hearts and vessels, extra time-travel communicate, and unresolved beats dangled in entrance of you as though they’ll be defined quickly – however they gained’t. 

To make issues worse, you get thrown into a series you’ve already performed thru, combating each Keyblade Graveyard boss in most commonly the similar puts. Going during the motions rewards you with a couple of new scenes and battles that may play out in a different way. A pair are new, however maximum of them play like they did ahead of. To shake issues up a little bit, you get the chance to play as keyblade wielders as opposed to Sora, like Aqua, Roxas, and Riku, who’ve other combating kinds. As an example, Roxas has get admission to to a handy guide a rough reversal, twin wields, and is extra melee-focused. The most productive a part of those fights is the cool team-up assaults which can be consultant in their bonds and resolution. Whilst I loved those strikes, they don’t make up for the excessive quantity of reused content material and the sparseness of latest scenes. 

The DLC is at its highest when it provides some new parts to fights. One boss fight combines all of the core characters, alternating between them as you carry out finishers, which creates a spectacle to behold. In a separate showdown, you even get to keep watch over Kairi, which fanatics had been begging for. Unfortunately, it’s just one fight, and I don’t handle her moveset as a result of she makes use of floaty assaults that don’t really feel robust. I needed to double-check to peer if my moves had been even connecting, since I couldn’t really feel the affect of obliterating foes with Kairi as I may with different heroes. 


That appears to be the craze for this DLC: Not anything feels considerable. You get little or no on your funding, and not one of the apparently thrilling teases ever lead any place fascinating. An excellent instance of that is attending to discover extra of Scala Advert Caelum, a breathtakingly stunning position that was once most effective featured in brief in the primary sport. After you have a better take a look at it, it’s extra disappointing than intriguing, and stuffed with tedious puzzles like lining up gadgets to check shadows. Additionally disappointing is that the Ultimate Fable characters are nonetheless most commonly absent for the DLC. You notice Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, and Squall, however their roles are minuscule. 

Whenever you entire Re Thoughts, an episode referred to as Prohibit Minimize unlocks, granting you get admission to to a number of difficult boss fights. They’re ultra-tough, and one false transfer (like now not blockading on the precise proper second) method you lose the whole thing. Those are related to the sequence’ secret bosses (e.g., Sephiroth), which might be notoriously tough however rewarding to defeat. Those that experience besting those can spend numerous time right here. However a caution: If Sora isn’t high-level (which is most likely the case if you happen to most effective finished the primary quest in Kingdom Hearts III), you don’t have a very simple technique to grind or point up. This leaves you both banging your head in opposition to a wall as you hope to be best possible, or restarting the DLC upon getting more potent within the base sport.

General, Re Thoughts is disappointing. Between all of the reused content material and only a few additions to the tale, I felt like I wasted my time. Sure, a couple of new threads and items of information are there to get to the bottom of, however they’re the tiniest of crumbs. The largest revelation is within the new secret film, which presentations the sequence probably shifting in a abnormal course that makes me extra uneasy than excited. In the long run, you truly need to dig for the thrill in Re Thoughts, as it’s buried in all this content material you’ve already performed.

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