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LEGO's Latest BrickHeadz Are Adorable Bobble-Headed Fish and Bird Pets

LEGO Brickheadz Budgie

Fish and birds are more difficult to handle than you could suppose: There are subtleties to their care that aren’t glaring for those who’ve simplest had cats and canine as pets sooner than. However similar to with its flower and bonsai tree units, those new units are semi-aspirational additions to your home that no quantity of overlook can kill.

As contributors of the BrickHeadz line, the brand new Goldfish and Budgie (budgerigar) are supposed to depict cartoonish variations of the subject material, now not the semi-realistic glance of costlier and elaborate units. However either one of them are expressively simplified, with better and smaller fish and birds incorporated in each and every. They even get themed accents and bases—dig the little seaweed and coral items for the fish. Selection ornamental crests are incorporated for each units.

LEGO Brickheadz goldfish

Each Budgie and Goldfish units price $15, which is a discount for the previous, because it’s 261 items (LEGO units have a tendency to move for rather less than ten cents a work. Either one of them shall be to be had from the LEGO on-line retailer beginning March 1st, with a retail rollout at the standard suspects following.

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