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Making every procedurally-generated playthrough feel unique in Swords of Ditto

It’s simple to stuff a recreation stuffed with content material if in case you have the time and the price range. What’s tougher is making the whole lot really feel useful and, in relation to procedural video games and particularly roguelikes, to make random variations really feel intentional and designed. 

OneBitBeyond, author of The Swords of Ditto, wrestled with this downside whilst making the vibrnt roguelike motion RPG. The objective was once to create a participant enjoy that remained recent and unexpected, but in addition felt adore it had end result throughout more than one playthroughs and to provide the universe in-game a way of persistency and area of expertise. 

Aided via a powerful toolset created via studio lead Jonathan Biddle for GameMaker Studio, the staff at OneBitBeyond put positive controls on each the position and composition of explicit dungeons, in addition to ensured the temper of the sport adjustments throughout more than one playthroughs to stay the enjoy feeling recent.

In The Swords of Ditto, you play as a hero who has 3 days to arrange for a showdown with an evil witch named Mormo. Those arrangements come with killing enemies to stage up, exploring dungeons to get new pieces, and doing quests to liberate perks and toughen your skills. After the 3 days elapse, without reference to whether or not you’re ready or now not, you’ll face off in opposition to Mormo. 

A brand new hero awakes…once more…and once more…

For those who die, moderately than beginning once more totally anew, you’ll merely unsleeping 100 years later within the frame of a brand new hero. This implies dropping your pieces and upgrades however protecting your enjoy issues and having your earlier deeds affect the sport’s international. 


“There was once no end result to failure and we felt that if we added that end result, that might make gamers really feel much more connected to the sector.”

“In the beginning, we had been simply creating a procedurally-generated recreation,” says Sam Robinson, stage dressmaker and sound dressmaker at the recreation. “It was once simply going to be a roguelike. So, each and every time you performed it, it will be other. That was once the unique concept. However then, in the future, we had been like, neatly wouldn’t or not it’s cool if there was once like a endurance to what you had been doing and a end result as it was once all so satisfied and comfortable at the start. There was once no end result to failure and we felt that if we added that end result, that might make gamers really feel much more connected to the sector.” 

If the participant does fail to overcome Mormo in The Swords of Ditto, the following time they play, the overworld map will alternate, constructions will decay, and the atmosphere will change into darker to put across the sensation of an evolving international, one who an evil entity has dominated over for 100 years. Characters can even change into extra pissed off with the participant, relating to the sorry state of the sector’s affairs, and the overlay will step by step change into a darker colour of red to turn Mormo’s expanding affect.

A random international with that means

This quantity of variation turns out like a huge activity taking into consideration the collection of other artwork property and mechanics to be discovered within the overworld. You’ll consult with shrines to shop for extra time, to find and open crates on the lighthouse at the seashore, and chat with farmers and different NPCs to get quests. There also are homes, toy dungeons, and windmills to discover too, in addition to hidden treasure, problem zones, and caves to engage with.

It was once the private toolset that Biddle created for GameMaker that allowed the staff to do that in this sort of well timed way and to create such a lot of variations and change property with out it ever feeling random or disorganized. 

The editor he created was once extraordinarily visible, requiring little coding enjoy. It is usually necessarily a part of the sport itself, permitting Robinson to modify seamlessly between the editor and the sport and position various property, prior to tying some directions along them, like the prospective colour of things, the varieties of ornament, and the position of paths. This toolset is an extension of an in-game stage editor that the staff in fact created and shipped with Stealth Bastard, a Curve Virtual recreation the place customers may create and percentage their very own ranges.

“It’s somewhat managed,” says Robinson. “There are ten layouts of town they usually randomize fairly. We now have an easy editor. It’s truly cool. Bidds makes the entire gear for me. I may put a development in a single position and put the similar development [somewhere else]. So, like two supermarkets. Then I will have a randomizer that hyperlinks to either one of them and I will say handiest any such will exist. It’s truly visible. I will simply position issues round and select which one will spawn and it robotically deletes the remainder. It’s like I am getting most of these artwork property from the artists, and it’s like a collage mainly.”

Input the dungeon

There could also be numerous selection within the dungeons too. There are 3 toy dungeons, now not together with incidental spaces, that you’ll whole to liberate new guns and perks. Those come with a golfing dungeon, a laser ring dungeon, and a drone dungeon. The order you will have to whole those trials in adjustments with each and every new playthrough alternatively, with the desired stage of access and the trouble additionally expanding. 

As though that wasn’t sufficient, the real format throughout the dungeons adjustments too and there are new regulations each and every time you input, which alter the impact of positive pieces and the quantity of wear and tear you’ll take in. This was once accomplished via a device that items in combination person template rooms. Robinson checked out previous 2D Zeldas and different journey RPG video games to resolve those sizes, prior to imposing them within the recreation.

“All of the variation was once added to the sport to make certain that gamers would have a special journey each and every time they performed. Since the dungeons, overworld, modifiers and pickups you to find will probably be other each and every time, you can by no means get rather the similar play via two times. We mainly sought after to make a compact RPG enjoy that somebody may undergo rather briefly, however again and again, and to find new issues each and every time.”

The have an effect on of this at the participant is that each and every time they load as an unique personality, a brand new problem will look forward to them. This is helping to promote the participant at the passage of time, as the sector itself feels adore it has been rebuilt and new shrines and temples had been created to switch the previous ones. 

The significance of twin use

The extent layouts and other variations during the sector aren’t the one facet which might be integral to creating each and every playthrough really feel distinctive. The staff additionally carried out some obtained wisdom from their time operating with the writer Nintendo of Japan on Fluidity and Fluidity: Spin Cycle, incorporating the design idea of twin use into the sport – one thing common inside of The Legend of Zelda and the Tremendous Mario video games.

Designing a dungeon in layers

“One thing that all the time stood out to me was once that if in case you have a transfer that does something, when you simply give it every other use — now not only a transfer, however some other recreation mechanic or device – when you give it multiple use, this is going to create a large number of chances and programs,” says Robinson. “It’s going to provide you with puzzle mileage and struggle mileage.” 


“You probably have a transfer that does something, when you simply give it every other use — now not only a transfer, however some other recreation mechanic or device…this is going to create a large number of chances and programs. It’s going to provide you with puzzle mileage and struggle mileage.”

There are many examples of this during The Swords of Ditto. For example, Robinson issues to the golfing membership, which can be utilized to stun enemies, knock again monsters, and clear up puzzles in dungeons. It additionally applies to different pieces just like the drone too, which can be utilized to resolve puzzles, but in addition to discover an atmosphere forward of time.

All the way through each and every playthrough, this can be very tough to search out all of these things within the allocated 3 days or acquire sufficient money to shop for them immediately from the sport’s similar of a weapon retailer — the toy store on the town. Those more than one programs due to this fact make each and every merchandise you to find extraordinarily pleasant to wield and supply a variety of chances, moderately than simply being some way of merely powering up your personality. 

In some ways, the manner that OneBitBeyond took on The Swords of Ditto looks like a logical growth of the roguelike, in that it borrows widely from extra linear stories like A Hyperlink to the Previous. This manner wouldn’t most often be environment friendly, taking into consideration the sheer quantity of coding required, however with the simple to make use of interface of their very own map and stage editors it was way more achievable. 

“It was once a case of incrementally including issues simply to peer how a ways lets push it,” says Robinson. “I believe we driven ourselves beautiful a ways. It didn’t even really feel like paintings. It felt like a passion, . As a result of now we’re operating from house, it looks like I’m again in my teenage years. Again in my bed room simply making ranges for folks’s video games. Excluding now I’m making my very own.”

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