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Man the hoses: GreenIQ partners with Nest to prevent fires

Good irrigation controller GreenIQ is integrating its Good Lawn Hub with Nest’s Offer protection to, that company’s smoke detector and alarm.

When Nest Offer protection to detects a hearth, it’s going to alert the Good Lawn Hub, which is able to turn on sprinklers to steer clear of a lawn fireplace. Within the tournament of an emergency, the hub will turn on any outside lighting fixtures to alert the circle of relatives and neighbors to the development.

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The sprinklers will stay on for 20 mins, except the person manually turns them off. Customers too can set the GreenIQ sprinklers to ceaselessly run irrespective of the Nest Offer protection to’s standing, to make certain that all spaces within the lawn are damp.

Over 2,500 folks lose their lives and 12,000 endure accidents from space fires in the US yearly. As smartly, with excessive drought stipulations in different western and southern states, small fires can temporarily unfold via dried out gardens and threaten neighborhoods.

GreenIQ hopes that the mixing will decrease that quantity, and in addition decrease the quantity of direct assets loss because of fireplace damages, which was once estimated at $7.three billion closing yr.

GreenIQ needs you to really feel extra hooked up for your lawn….and more secure

“It has all the time been our undertaking to help in making gardens smarter and make allowance folks to really feel extra hooked up to their inexperienced areas,” stated Odi Dahan, founder and CEO of GreenIQ. “Our integration with Nest is taking it one step additional by means of now not simplest serving to our consumers get monetary savings and preserve water, but in addition serving to to lower any anxiousness folks can have about attainable fires.”

GreenIQ Good Lawn Hub is one in every of a rising checklist of lawn IoT techniques, taken with making sure vegetation and grass have sufficient water to develop whilst decreasing the quantity of water used on a regular basis. The gadget gives a wise analytics platform to inform the buyer how a lot water will have to be used, probably the most optimum place for sprinklers, and the most efficient techniques to stay their lawn alive, all from the smartphone app.

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