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Minecraft Dungeons Features Hilarious Diablo 2 Reference for Dedicated Fans

Minecraft Dungeons, out on Might 26, is regularly in comparison to the Diablo franchise for that includes top-down dungeon-crawling battle and exploration. Heck, we made the comparability in our most commonly favorable overview. It seems like the builders at the back of Minecraft Dungeons are all too acquainted with the franchise, since they plainly planted a hilarious easter egg that devoted Diablo 2 enthusiasts will most certainly respect.

Minor spoilers for Minecraft Dungeons content material beneath:Spotted via Lords of Gaming, Minecraft Dungeons gamers can get right of entry to a secret space that’s an instantaneous connection with a in a similar fashion secret space in Diablo 2. In step with Lords of Gaming, it calls for gamers to overcome the sport as soon as on each and every recreation issue. Close to the participant’s camp, there’s a drawbridge that’s raised all the way through the primary recreation. If you’re ready to go it, gamers will discover a church with pixel portraits of the Minecraft Dungeons developer staff and a canine, plus a button with ten runes. As soon as gamers in finding the ones runes around the recreation’s ranges, they may be able to go back to the button, press it, and also you’ll be transported to a secret degree.

What’s in that secret degree? Cows. Loads and a whole lot of offended cows to battle.

Supply: Lords of Gaming

The name of the game Minecraft Dungeons room is a lovely transparent connection with a secret space in Diablo 2 that featured numerous cows status upright and wielding axes. The ones Diablo cows would additionally say “moo” repeatedly with an oddly human inflection whilst they chased you round in huge teams. For a time, Diablo 2’s secret cow degree used to be a well-liked position to degree up till a patch used to be carried out no longer lengthy after.

No longer unhealthy for a humorous reference, even supposing I shudder to suppose what a newcomer to the style will recall to mind that many bovine barreling down on them.

Joseph Knoop is a creator/manufacturer for IGN, and he is mooooooving to the bay space quickly.

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