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New Fallout 76 Update Out Now, Here Are The Patch Notes

Bethesda has launched every other replace for Fallout 76. This week’s patch–version throughout platforms–is now continue to exist PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it makes every other collection of gameplay tweaks and insect fixes to the web RPG.

The brand new patch weighs in at roughly four.five GB on consoles and three.five GB on PC. Amongst different issues, Bethesda has as soon as once more higher avid gamers’ most stash measurement, this time to 800 kilos (up from 600). The developer has additionally made it more straightforward to contest possession of every other participant’s Workshop; you’ll be able to now achieve this from any place inside its construct space.

Moreover, Bethesda has made a couple of changes to the sport’s Sought after gadget; now you should utterly wreck gadgets both in every other participant’s CAMP or Workshop to earn a Sought after standing. The developer says this variation “must cut back circumstances of unintentional crime.”

Past that, Bethesda has higher the time between Scorchbeast Sonic Screams, giving avid gamers a reasonably longer reprieve between assaults. Bethesda says it’s been taking a look over “so much” of comments in regards to the monsters and plans to make additional stability changes to them.

Rounding out the replace is every other lengthy checklist of computer virus fixes. You’ll be able to learn the overall patch notes, courtesy of Bethesda’s web page, underneath.

Bethesda nonetheless has many extra updates deliberate for Fallout 76. Amongst different issues, the studio is operating on a extra aggressive Survival PvP mode that eliminates the constraints lately across the recreation’s PvP encounters. Bethesda hasn’t stated precisely when this mode will move are living, however the studio plans to unlock it in beta someday in March.

Fallout 76 Feb. 19 Replace Patch Notes


  • Server Upkeep: As we paintings on international servers which were working for a very long time and hitting some lag problems, we’ll be appearing upkeep on the ones servers extra regularly. Chances are you’ll obtain an in-game message alerting you to this upkeep when it happens, and you’ll be requested to sign up for every other international. This must make stronger the play enjoy for everybody all through your adventures in Appalachia.


  • Energy Armor: The quantity of springs required to craft and service stage 25, 35, and 45 Excavator Energy Armor Legs has been considerably decreased.
  • Guns: Flare Weapons were got rid of from the mythical weapon checklist, as they are able to’t get pleasure from mythical mods.


  • Stash Restrict: The garage restrict for the stash has been higher from 600 to 800 kilos.
    • Dev Observe: We’ve been studying your comments that the present stash restrict of 600 lbs may just use an extra build up, and after some investigation discovered that shall we be offering some extra cupboard space within the Stash.
  • C.A.M.P. Placement: If a participant’s present C.A.M.P. location is occupied upon becoming a member of a global, a message will now show which supplies them solution to keep within the present international or try to sign up for a brand new one.
    • If the participant chooses to seek out every other international, they’re going to be got rid of from the present international and matchmaking will try to position them in a brand new one.
    • This procedure will also be repeated if the participant’s C.A.M.P. location occurs to even be occupied within the new international.
  • Workshops: Avid gamers not wish to engage with claimed Workshops without delay to contest possession, and Workshops can now be contested and captured from any place inside the construct space.
    • Dev Observe: The power to contest a claimed Workshop is meant and inspired conduct as a part of Workshop design. This transformation must save you scenarios the place a Workshop proprietor may just save you others from making an attempt to contest it with out turning into Sought after through destroying one thing or selecting a lock to achieve the Workshop.


  • Scorchbeasts: Higher the timer between successive Sonic Scream volleys to 10 seconds for Scorchbeasts and the Scorchbeast Queen in an effort to cut back the frequency of those assaults.
    • Dev Observe: This transformation must lend a hand avid gamers have some extra time to react between Sonic Scream volleys. We’ve additionally been studying numerous comments about Scorchbeasts normally that the neighborhood has been sharing, and we’re taking a look into additional enhancements and stability adjustments we will deliver to them someday.


  • Sought after: Destructive a C.A.M.P. or workshop object created through every other participant not reasons the attacker to change into Sought after. The thing should now be utterly destroyed through the attacker in an effort to flag them as Sought after.
    • Dev Observe: We’ve gained comments from avid gamers who felt that it was once too simple to change into Sought after unintentionally through destructive others’ C.A.M.P. and Workshop gadgets. We agree and made this variation to lend a hand restrict circumstances the place a stray bullet may just lead to a bounty to your head.


  • Sound Results: Pulling the pin on a grenade to top it ahead of throwing now play audible sound results for within reach avid gamers.
  • Map: Sound results now play when putting or shifting customized Map markers.


  • Participant Icons: Soaring over a participant’s title at the Map will now show their present participant icon.
  • Participant Icons: Soaring over an owned Workshop at the Map will now show the present proprietor’s participant icon.
  • Turrets: Viewing a Turret positioned through every other participant of their C.A.M.P. or at a Workshop will now show the landlord’s title and participant icon within the Turret’s nameplate.
  • Voice Chat: The colour of Voice Chat speaker icons on participant nameplates now replace in keeping with that participant’s present standing: Impartial avid gamers show a pale-yellow icon, Allies show gold, and Opposed and Sought after show pink.


  • Loading: Addressed a subject that might motive controls to fasten up if the participant opened the Pip-Boy straight away after encountering a loading display screen.
  • Loading: Mounted a subject that might motive the participant to come across an unlimited loading display screen in the event that they surrender to the primary menu straight away after becoming a member of a global.
  • Loading: Mounted a subject on PC that might lead to an unlimited loading display screen if more than one avid gamers on a crew joined a global concurrently.
  • Loading: Mounted a subject that might motive a participant to come across an unlimited loading display screen because of a list discrepancy.
  • Efficiency: Addressed a subject that might motive hitching whilst scrapping pieces.
  • Efficiency: Making an attempt to craft many pieces at very prime pace will now lead to a extend of as much as 1 2nd between next crafting makes an attempt after the primary few. This was once carried out to lend a hand make stronger server efficiency and must no longer have an effect on standard crafting.
  • Efficiency: Addressed a subject that might affect server efficiency when scrapping numerous pieces in speedy succession.
  • Efficiency: Addressed a subject that might motive decreased framerates when many avid gamers had been firing guns concurrently in the similar space.
  • Steadiness: Addressed a crash that might happen when interacting with a Energy Armor Station whilst dressed in Energy Armor.
  • Attire: Hair not clips throughout the Nuka-Woman Rocketsuit helmet.
  • Attire: Underarmor not stays visual whilst dressed in the Silver Shroud gown.
  • Emotes: Mounted a subject inflicting decreased framerates all through the Snowball Battle! Emote’s animation.
  • Enemies: Mounted a subject that might motive a 2nd head to seem on a particular Scorched variant after decapitating it by the use of headshot.
  • Graphics: Switching outfits or guns whilst the Chameleon mutation or mythical impact is energetic not reasons the ones pieces to seem visual to different avid gamers.
  • Nuke Code Items: Letters and Numbers displayed through Nuke Code Items will not seem misaligned on pickup.
  • Perks: The throwing arc displayed through the Hearth within the Hollow perk now stays visual if the participant strikes whilst maintaining a fragmentation grenade.
  • Photomode: Returning to first-person view after exiting Photomode with a ranged weapon supplied not reasons the nature type’s fingers to seem offset or darkish graphic results to seem onscreen.
  • Blueprints: Blueprints containing a replicate ball can now be positioned as it should be and not motive an “Object is floating.” error message to show.
  • Blueprints: Making an attempt to put a blueprint containing gadgets which were put on cabinets not reasons an “Object wishes beef up” error message to show.
  • Blueprints: Blueprint names now beef up a most of 25 characters.
  • Price range: Tamed creatures not completely devour C.A.M.P. price range after they’re killed.
  • C.A.M.P.: Mounted a subject that might motive a C.A.M.P. conversation to show to a brand new persona ahead of that they had positioned their C.A.M.P. for the primary time.
  • Crafting: Mounted a subject that might save you pieces from being crafted or repaired in spite of having the desired fabrics if the ones fabrics had been break up between the stock and stash.
  • Crafting: Avid gamers who’ve exceeded absolutely the weight restrict of one,500 lbs plus their present most elevate weight are actually as it should be notified that they’re not able to craft pieces whilst over the restrict.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that might permit pieces to be duplicated when shifting C.A.M.P. places.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that might permit pieces to be duplicated if a blueprint failed to avoid wasting correctly.
  • Recipes and Plans: Mounted a subject that might save you a participant from crafting a Recipe or Plan that they had up to now realized.
  • Scrapping: Bleached Dogwood is now secure from autoscrapping when crafting. On the other hand, it will probably nonetheless be scrapped manually.
  • Workbenches: Making an attempt to put a Energy Armor Station on a basis in a construction that has more than one ranges not reasons the station to be put on the second one ground.
  • Scorchbeast Queen: The Scorchbeast Queen can now as it should be drop Plans from the overall vary of Ultracite Energy Armor Mod Plans in her loot checklist, and avid gamers now as it should be obtain a random roll from her loot checklist.
  • Mothman: Mounted a subject through which Mothman would no longer depart the world when approached or reply to assaults.
  • Attire: The Blank Clown Outfit now as it should be counts towards final touch of the “Kill Wendigos” aspect venture at Freddie’s Space of Scares.
  • Attire: The Nuka-Woman Rocketsuit can not be supplied or unequipped whilst dressed in Energy Armor
  • Attire: The Nuka-Woman Rocketsuit outfit has been separated into two items – the frame piece and the higher helmet.
    • Dev Observe: For the instant, the higher helmet, when no longer worn with the frame piece, seems to be floating partially from the participant persona. That is transient till we will transform the helmet itself. This was once a essential trade to stop deficient interactions with Energy Armor and underarmor. Avid gamers who already personal the Rocketsuit, will robotically have get right of entry to to craft the helmet.
  • Armor: The Punishing mythical impact not displays “slap” injury dealt through every other participant. This must save you circumstances the place a participant dressed in Punishing armor may just change into Sought after accidentally because of mirrored injury that killed their attacker.
  • Armor: Mounted a subject inflicting injury mirrored through the Punishing mythical impact to be decreased in keeping with the protecting participant’s resistances.
  • Cap Boxes: Now award the right kind selection of Caps and not generate just one Cap as loot.
  • Exploits: Got rid of an attire Recipe that was once no longer meant to be to be had in-game, in addition to pieces created the use of that Recipe.
  • Headlamps: Got rid of an erroneously added Atomic Store flag from all non-Mothman Energy Armor Head Lamps. Additionally added a separate pink Mothman headlamp that works as soon as Mothman Energy Armor is provided.
  • Holotapes: Opting for to prevent a Holotape now as it should be stops that Holotape from proceeding to play.
  • Mods: Aiming down the attractions after making use of the Recon Sensors mod to a Energy Armor helmet now as it should be marks enemies at the compass.
  • Energy Armor: Resistances are not incorrectly decreased when getting into Energy Armor whilst dressed in Underarmor.
  • Energy Armor: Now as it should be prioritizes the use of the Fusion Core within the participant’s stock that has the least final fee, reasonably than deciding on them at random.
  • Energy Armor: Mounted a subject that might permit Energy Armor items with Atomic Store paints carried out to be transferred into bins.
  • Guns: The M79 Grenade Launcher and the Auto Grenade Launcher are actually categorized as heavy guns, and as it should be get pleasure from all heavy guns perks aside from Heavy Gunner, as they get pleasure from Demolitions Professional as an alternative.
  • Final Snort: Explosive Bait is not dropped on dying whilst the Final Snort perk is provided.
  • Martial Artist: Now simplest applies its assault pace bonus to melee guns and not incorrectly will increase the Gatling Gun’s fee of fireplace.
  • Ricochet: The Ricochet perk fanfare not shows many times when its results are precipitated more than one occasions in fast succession.
  • Workforce Results: A crew invite should be approved, and a crew shaped, ahead of team-based perks, equivalent to Squad Maneuvers, will observe their crew results.
  • Respawn: Being killed through a chum, deciding on “Respawn”, after which the use of the Social Menu to respawn at a that pal’s location not reasons the ones avid gamers to stay adverse towards every different.
  • Quest Boxes: Non-quest pieces can not be transferred into the Feed the Other folks and Trail to Enlightenment tournament quest bins.
  • Certainly one of Us: The Congressional Get entry to Card is not misplaced if the participant is disconnected or the server crashes.
  • Addictions: Mounted a subject which avoided Addictions lately affecting the nature from showing within the Pip-Boy’s Standing menu.
  • Illnesses: Rad Worms now simplest will increase radiation injury taken through 50%, and not incorrectly will increase Mutation and different results.
  • Mutations: Mounted an inconsistent interplay between the Elegance Freak, Barbarian, and Evasive perks that might lead them to prevent functioning whilst suffering from the Herd Mentality mutation.
  • Mutations: The Therapeutic Issue mutation not reasons avid gamers to change into invincible whilst within the downed state.
  • C.A.M.P.: A participant’s title will now as it should be seem onscreen when viewing their C.A.M.P., even supposing that participant isn’t within reach.
  • Controls: Plugging in a controller after launching Fallout 76 on PC the use of a keyboard and mouse not reasons the button signs for interactable gadgets, like bins or workbenches, to vanish till the customer is relaunched.
  • Controls: Urgent the Fast Change key (Default: Left D-pad) after the present weapon breaks now as it should be swaps to an alternative weapon.
  • Crosshairs: Mounted a subject inflicting crosshairs to extend and contract incorrectly for avid gamers working the sport the use of 21:nine facet ratios.
  • Sport Digicam: Converting the face preset within the Alternate Look menu out of doors of Vault 76 not reasons the digicam to turn an accidental perspective in third-person view.
  • Holotapes: Making an attempt to play a clean terminal holotape not reasons the Pip-Boy to show a clean display screen.
  • Localization: “Perk Card Pack” textual content that shows when opening a brand new Perk Card Pack is now as it should be localized in non-English variations of the sport shopper.
  • Map: Mounted a subject that might save you participant icons from showing at the Map when opting for a respawn location.
  • Map: Overencumbered avid gamers who die inside of a Nuke Zone can now as it should be respawn on the nearest Map marker.
  • Notifications: “Ammo Got rid of” messages not seem onscreen when harvesting plants or different fabrics in a while after firing a weapon.
  • Notifications: The “You have got joined a crew.” notification now as it should be shows console controls, reasonably than PC hotkeys, in its subtitle textual content whilst enjoying on consoles.
  • Notifications: Mounted a subject the place avid gamers may just infrequently obtain a “Max weight restrict reached.” message when making an attempt to industry with different avid gamers.
  • Photomode Frames: Photomode frames that had been bought from the Atomic Store now as it should be show the Atom image within the photomode menu.
  • Store: Mounted a subject on PC that might motive controls to fasten up when buying Atoms.
  • Store: Buying more than one pieces from the Atomic Store in fast succession not prevents the ones pieces from showing in crafting menus till the customer is relaunched.
  • Store: Preview pictures were added for the Kill, Snort, Love Neon Signal.
  • Groups: Making an attempt to sign up for a teammate in a global from the primary menu the use of the social menu not reasons a message to show pointing out that they’re going to be got rid of from the crew.
  • Groups: Mounted a subject that might save you crew participants from loading into a global with the crew chief after the chief decided on “Play”.
  • Groups: Mounted a subject through which the “Play with Workforce” possibility at the Primary Menu turned into non-functional when making an attempt to rejoin teammates in a global following a crash or disconnect.
  • Switch Menu: The switch bar now as it should be stops at 1 when scrolling to scale back the switch amount.
  • Voice Chat: The voice chat speaker icon now as it should be seems in participant nameplates, in crew chat, and within the space chat checklist when a participant is talking.

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