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Raft: 27 Essential Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

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From crafting your maximum very important equipment first, finding out the right way to distract Bruce the Shark effectively, and normal on a regular basis survival pointers reminiscent of farming Vine Goo and the most efficient puts to seem when scavenging for provides.

Listed here are over 25 to hand pointers and tips that you can have you ever a professional survivor very quickly in any respect.

Fast Pointers and Tips

Gather and save each piece of wooden you’ll be able to to find. Picket is very important in your survival as it is used to craft nearly each merchandise within the sport.

Whilst it is not very important directly off the bat, it would be best to ultimately set a objective to avoid wasting sufficient sources to craft a mattress. Appearing nearly as a save spot, the mattress will function a respawn level will have to you die and also will permit you to skip nights.

Raft is very best loved slowly, so do not really feel that you must rush during the early sport revel in as that is the place maximum of your a laugh might be had.

  • Consider carefully earlier than getting rid of ground as any pieces at the sq. will right away disappear upon destroying the ground piece.
  • When losing pieces, remember to select them again up earlier than the only minute and thirty-second timer reasons them to de-spawn and disappear eternally.
  • Took your eyes off the trail and misplaced your means? A Streamer is a must have software in case you are suffering to navigate the arena as it is going to permit you to gauge the path through which the wind is blowing. To construct a streamer, you can want 6 Planks, three Ropes, and three Nails.
  • Do not be fooled; one sail will produce all of the pace you wish to have.
  • As tempting as it can be, please don’t drink the saltwater as it is going to purpose your hydration bar to burn up.
  • Simply drank the closing of your recent water? You’ll want to fill up your cup, as you can need your water air purifier to at all times be running on a brand new batch of water.
  • Vine Goo is a well-liked merchandise this is incessantly utilized in crafting; then again, its rarity makes it laborious to come back through. Fortunately, you will not need to depend on discovering Vine Goo thru deserted rafts and barrels, as you can feel free to grasp that you’ll be able to create Vine Goo through the usage of seaweed in a furnace.
  • See a barrel coming against your raft? Prevent what you are doing, and remember to seize it. With Scrap and different sources being scarce right through your early sport revel in, those barrels and their provides generally is a entire lifesaver.
  • Do not really feel burdened to prevent at each deserted raft and island that you just to find. Whilst some will incessantly supply moderately respectable provides, you can incessantly to find that many lackluster and a lot more of a waste of time, if the rest.
  • When transferring round your raft, particularly when choosing up particles and garbage, it is strangely simple to fall into the water. When you find yourself first beginning out, falling into the water may also be some of the worst conceivable eventualities, as your likelihood of dying is considerably upper. Now not most effective will you lack most of the vital guns and talents to continue to exist a Shark assault, however there is a excellent likelihood you can even be fatigued because of a loss of water and meals intake. If so, it would be best to get again onto your raft as briefly as conceivable; in a different way, you can grow to be shark meals.

  • The Shark is about to assault the raft each five mins, however will have to you input the water, the five-minute timer might be paused till you go out.
  • Whilst it is solely as much as you, having house in-between your assortment nets is totally positive. Now not most effective does it prevent sources, however the true likelihood of things slipping between the distance could be very not going.
  • When you would possibly wish to discover the islands right away, we suggest ready till you may have a minimum of crafted an awl and give you the option and method to achieve the upper issues of the island. One of the most most effective causes you’ll want to talk over with an island early on within the sport is to look the shallows alongside the seashore for sources.
  • When leaving your raft, at all times use an anchor, despite the fact that it is only for a brief duration. Now not most effective is it simple to lose monitor of your Raft will have to it get swept away through the present, however being left stranded with a circling shark scorching to your tail, you can briefly be told simply how essential an anchor may also be.


  • As you move during the sport, your stock will briefly start to replenish with pieces. Take a look at the usage of the analysis desk to release Garage Bins, as they are going to permit you to retailer any place from eight to 20 pieces.

The Plastic Hook is the True Hero of Raft

Whilst it would possibly not look like a lot, you may be stunned at simply how essential your sole software, the Plastic Hook, is in your survival in Raft because the Plastic Hook is used to begin scavenging during the particles and garbage that may be observed floating previous your raft.

This software may also be thrown into the sea and used to hook more than one items of particles directly.

Prioritize Those Should-Have Pieces First

We all know all too neatly simply how overwhelming Raft can really feel if you end up first beginning out. Now not most effective are you stranded within the center, however your whole given is a small Plastic Hook.

With most effective small quantities of sources to be had to salvage from the incoming garbage and particles, we have now compiled an inventory that main points 5 must-have pieces which are a very powerful in your survival. Whilst it is solely as much as you, it is strongly recommended to craft the next pieces within the order that they’re indexed underneath.

  • Easy Air purifier
    • x6 Plank
    • x6 Palm Leaf
    • x4 Plastic
  • Easy Grill
    • x6 Plank
    • x1 Scrap
    • x3 Rope

Steer clear of Development at the Fringe of Your Raft

Whilst you’ll be tempted to put pieces across the fringe of your raft, we extremely advise that you just construct all your pieces as with regards to the center of the raft as conceivable. The cause of that is that the roaming shark will incessantly try to assault your raft because it latches directly to an edge piece.In case you are fast sufficient, you are able to use your spear to assault the shark. If you deal a minimum of 3 harm to the shark, it is going to let pass of the raft and swim away. Whilst the raft would possibly stay broken, you’ll be able to use your hammer to fix the broken piece for simply two planks – which is far better than having to interchange a complete section that calls for complete sources.

Fishing, Purifying water, and Cooking Are Amongst Your Most sensible Priorities

Fishing and cooking are arguably probably the most vital sides of Raft as they play a a very powerful section in making sure your survival as you can be required to consume and drink frequently.

As we discussed above, to stick alive, you’ll want to make certain that a Easy Air purifier and Easy Grill are some of the first pieces that you just craft when beginning the sport.Whilst the Easy Grill is not able to prepare dinner recipes and different higher meals pieces, this is the entirety that it is going to be capable to prepare dinner:

As you start to to find and release extra complex recipes, it would be best to ultimately make the improve to the extra complex cooking station, a Cooking Pot.

In terms of staying hydrated, it is important that you just additionally craft an Empty Cup to carry and delivery your water. Sadly, you can wish to make sure that you might be continuously refilling the cup, because it most effective has the potential of conserving one unit of water.

Use Shark Bait to Distract Bruce

Wish to get in water however scared you can run into Bruce, the Shark? Smartly, glance no additional than Shark Bait, because the meaty distraction will permit you to discover underwater with none distractions for a brief duration.

With as much as 1,000 well being issues, you’ll be able to be expecting the Shark Bait to closing the next period.

    • Time: 1 Minute and five Seconds
    • Time: 1 Minute and 20 Seconds

So in case you are having a look to create a Shark Bait distraction, you can want 2 Rope, 2 Uncooked Herring, and 1 Uncooked Pomfret.

It is vital to bear in mind to time your dives, as you, the baits are just a brief distraction, and you don’t want to get stuck off guard.

On the other hand, in case you are enjoying with buddies, you’ll be able to at all times have them retailer their pieces and distract the shark for you when you try to accumulate the underwood sources.

In terms of diving, you have to remember the fact that shallow water close to the shore of islands is at all times probably the most ready diving within the shallow water close to shore, as an alternative of the sea’s deep, darkish depths.

Seek the Seas for Deserted Rafts and Particles

As you are exploring the huge ocean, you can incessantly come throughout deserted rafts. In case you occur to come back around the particles/garbage streams when crusing, take a look at throwing your Plastic Hook out to assemble it. This might be one among your number one strategies for amassing sources when first beginning.Moreover, in the event you stumble throughout an deserted raft, chances are you’ll simply be fortunate sufficient to discover a loot field. Loot packing containers incessantly comprise high-value pieces which are now and again laborious to come back through, reminiscent of Scrap, Vine Goo, Glass, and Steel Ore.

So you are most probably questioning, what are the drop probabilities when opening the loot packing containers you to find deserted rafts? Smartly, here is a entire breakdown of each and every merchandise and the proportion likelihood at receiving each and every attainable praise.

Raft Looting Field Rewards and Drop Probability
merchandise Looting Probability
Plank 34.6%
Stone 22%
Rope nine.four%
Scrap 12.6%
Bolt 6.three%
Hinge 6.three%
Steel Ore four.four%
Vine Goo 2.five%
Glass 1.nine%

Underwater Exploration Homes Lots of Sources

As horrifying as it can be, underwater exploration is a should because it yields probably the most very best sources you’ll be able to to find within the sport. You’ll be able to have the risk to assemble sources reminiscent of Clay, Sand, Scrap, and Seaweed.

Outdated Boots Are Extra Helpful Than You Assume

Prior to you pass throwing away any previous boots that you will have discovered whilst fishing or scavenging for loot, you can be stunned to grasp that the previous boot has a goal – you’ll be able to plant potatoes within!

That is proper, you’ll be able to plant uncooked potatoes within previous boots, and with the assistance of the plastic water bottle, you are able to water the plant. Higher but, each time that you just harvest the potato, you’re going to yield a complete of 2.

On the other hand, you probably have the provides to spare, crafting Crop Plots might be a good way to create a strong and constant meals supply.

What Occurs When You Die In Raft

Let’s be truthful; dying occurs to even the most efficient folks, as now and again there may be simply no keeping off it. So in the event you do occur to die whilst enjoying solo, you’re going to respawn, however all your pieces to your personality might be misplaced eternally.

In case you died whilst enjoying multiplayer with buddies, they might be capable to raise your frame to a mattress or hammock. This might purpose you to get up, however your stats well being, water, and meals stats might be very low.

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