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Ring Spotlight Cam vs. Ring Floodlight Cam: What's the difference?

Ring makes one of the most easiest out of doors house safety cameras available on the market, however with 5 fashions to choose between, the choice will also be complicated.

Do you wish to have the extra robust Floodlight Cam, or the fewer visually glaring Highlight Cam? Must you cross stressed out or battery? Is the sun panel a just right possibility for the battery-powered fashion?

The digital camera is identical in they all, so there isn’t a distinction in symbol high quality, however there are concerns with regards to night-time illumination and tool supply. We’ve examined all of them and will information you thru those selections.

Ring Floodlight Cam

That is the granddaddy of the variety and it places out some severe gentle: 1,800 lumens as opposed to simply 300 to 350 lumens at the different cameras. That is the fashion you’ll need if you wish to have to hide a big house.

The 2 LED lamps seem like an previous pair of movement safety lighting fixtures and you’ll be able to call to mind this as the similar kind of factor. It must be connected to a junction field fixed on your home or, preferably, embedded into the wall.

Ring Highlight Cam Battery

That is the most straightforward of the Ring out of doors cameras and is powered by means of a chargeable battery. The digital camera has slots for 2 batteries and each and every is claimed to ultimate about six months with reasonable use, so that you gained’t be converting all of them that regularly.

As it’s battery powered you’ll be able to mount it any place, however bear in mind it is important to get entry to it each so regularly to drag out and recharge the batteries. Don’t mount it in too tough a spot to succeed in. Should you don’t wish to trouble with that, or when you should set up it in a less-accessible location, imagine the sun model.

There was once no reason why for us to study the battery-powered fashion, as a result of now we have examined the similar sun fashion—it’s the similar product bundled with a sun panel integrated within the field.

Should you already personal the battery fashion, you’ll be able to acquire the sun panel one at a time and simply plug it in. The solar panel costs $49 at Amazon.

Ring Spotlight Cam Solar

Like the battery-powered version above, this camera doesn’t need a power hookup and can be easily mounted anywhere. And as with the battery model, this one provides 300 lumens of light from two LED light strips on either side of the camera. That’s adequate for a porch or an area near an entrance door.

The solar panel that comes in the box will provide enough energy to keep the battery topped up, so you should never have to worry about recharging it. The only restriction on mounting is finding somewhere the solar panel will enjoy sunlight each day (southern exposure is best, but not absolutely necessary).

Both battery-powered models will run even during power outages, but you will need your internet gateway and Wi-Fi router up and running to get complete functionality. I suggest plugging those devices into an uninterruptible power supple in case of a blackout.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired

If you don’t want to bother with batteries or a solar panel, but also don’t want to deal with in-wall electrical wiring, the Spotlight Cam Wired might be the one for you—if you have a weatherproof outdoor AC outlet within reach of its 20-foot-long (that’s 6 meters) power cord.

This model brings the extra brightness (350 lumens) and security of a continuously powered camera, but it connects right into a conventional electrical outlet. If you’re put off by that cord hanging down your home’s exterior wall, consider the Ring Spotlight Cam Mount.

Ring Spotlight Cam Mount

The Spotlight Cam Mount is essentially the same device as the Spotlight Cam Wired, so we didn’t review it independently. The difference is that it mounts to an electrical junction box on your outdoor wall, just like the Ring Floodlight Cam. It is less visually obtrusive than the Floodlight Cam, though, and it produces much less light: 350 lumens.

The Mount can be installed to neatly sit on a wall without any cables showing, and it will keep watch over those areas around entrance and exit doors (likely replacing an existing porch light). As with all the Spotlight Cam models, it produces a rather cool light of 4,000 degrees Kelvin.

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