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Rocks or climate change? HIV or HPV? Take our Big Republican Science Quiz!

This week the GOP reminded us as soon as once more simply how a lot they champion science. First Mo Brooks, a congressman from Alabama, contemplated whether or not rocks falling into the sea might be inflicting emerging sea ranges at a listening to of the Area science, house and era committee. Then Invoice Gates published that president Trump requested him if HIV and HPV have been the similar similar factor.

Brooks and Trump aren’t the one Republicans to have an inventive interpretation of the arena. Take our quiz and notice if you understand extra about politicians getting issues incorrect than some US politicians appear to learn about science.

Which team did George W. Bush say people can “coexist peacefully” with?
What basic alternate did Ben Carson say occurs to people after they’re incarcerated?
"Ben Carson"
In 2015, how did Senator Jim Inhofe reveal that he was once proper about local weather alternate?
In 2012, what did Donald Trump say “atmosphere pleasant” mild bulbs could cause?
In line with Senator Lamar Alexander, why are video video games a larger drawback than weapons?
Ben Carson once more. What’s his “private principle” as to why the pyramids constructed?
Why does not Michelle Bachman imagine we will have to intention to cut back greenhouse gases?
Todd Akin, a former Missouri Congressman, has stated he doesn’t imagine a girl can get pregnant if she is raped in a “respectable” approach. What clarification does he give for this principle?
In 2013, what did Ted Cruz famously say all through a senate speech opposing Obamacare
Which necessary medical query is never requested, in step with George W. Bush?

You were given…

The unhealthy information is you didn’t get many proper. The excellent news is you shouldn’t let that prevent you from operating for political place of work.

No longer unhealthy, you might be smarter than no less than two contemporary presidents.

Congratulations, you will have to be an excessively solid genius

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