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Super Replay – Killer7 Episode 10: Right In The Reiner

On the finish of our Replay Civil Struggle, all of it got here all the way down to you to select the following Tremendous Replay! Our Overblood Fb workforce ended up opting for two video games thru a tie: Killer7 and Godhand.

You selected smartly. Killer7 is my favourite sport of all time, for causes I can totally elaborate on within the close to long run. The fast model, alternatively, it is that it is the closest video video games have got to being a David Lynch movie. It advantages from being performed by myself in close to silence, so you’ll totally procedure its wild, surreal moments, cool characters, and ambiguous plot.

In becoming with its subject matters, we determined to take Killer7 very severely, as Andrew Reiner, Joe Juba, Leo Vader, and I focal point best an the artistry of Killer7 and not speak about anything and make completely 0 jokes. Revel in!


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