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The Sultan's Trail was good practice for lockdown | Adrian Chiles

Back in early autumn I went on a pilgrimage from Belgrade to Istanbul with six others to movie a tv programme that airs on Friday. At the most efficient of instances, the mountains of Bulgaria would really feel a life-time away, however now all of it feels such a lot additional.

I took section as a result of I revel in speaking about religion, and love strolling. Our path was once a part of the Sultan’s Path, a long-distance footpath from Vienna to Istanbul. It marks the 16th-century marches taken through Suleiman the Magnificent and his Ottoman armies as they conquered Belgrade and maximum of Hungary ahead of the Viennese held out towards them. The path is styled the “trail of peace”, alongside which all cultures and religions can come in combination.

Our magnificent seven consisted of 2 Christians, two Muslims, two atheists and a Jew. The 2 Christians have been me and Fatima Whitbread; the Muslims have been the broadcasters Mim Shaikh and Amar Latif; the atheists have been the comic and author Dom Joly and the actor Pauline McLynn who was once Mrs Doyle in Father Ted; and remaining however no longer least Edwina Currie, who was once raised Orthodox Jewish.

Now, seven people on best of a Bulgarian mountain, Serbian monastery or Turkish mosque, or bunking up in confined areas between those puts, is rarely like the type of house isolation we’re all having to do now. However it will have to rely for one thing that we by no means fell out. There’s hope in there someplace.

Pilgrimage: The Highway to Istanbul begins Friday, 9pm, BBC Two.

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