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Tutankhamun 'secret chamber' does not exist, researchers find

The golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun in his burial chamber is seen in the Valley of the Kings, in Luxor, Egypt, November 28, 2015.Symbol copyright

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A secret chamber have been concept to lie at the back of this wall within the boy king’s tomb

Egyptian government have completed their quest to find a secret chamber within the tomb of Tutankhamun – concluding that it does no longer exist.

In the past, officers mentioned they had been “90% positive” of a hidden room at the back of the wall of the boy king’s well-known three,000-year-old tomb.

One principle advised it might had been the tomb of Queen Nefertiti – who some assume was once Tutankhamun’s mom.

New analysis, then again, has concluded the chamber merely isn’t there.

The seek for the hidden tomb started when English archaeologist Nicholas Reeves, inspecting detailed scans of the chamber, found out what appeared like faint strains, or “ghosts”, of doorways underneath the plaster.

His 2015 paper The Burial of Nefertiti, he argued that the quite small tomb had at the beginning been designed for Queen Nefertiti – and her stays might be able to lie additional inside the tomb.

Nefertiti’s stays have by no means been found out, however she has been the thing of a lot hypothesis. A three,000-year-old sculpture of the queen, immaculately preserved, has made her one of the crucial recognisable girls of historical Egypt.

It is usually concept she can have dominated Egypt as pharaoh herself between the demise of her husband and the ascension of Tutankhamun.

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This bust of Queen Nefertiti, on show in Berlin, has added to her popularity

After Mr Reeves’ sensational paper, a sequence of radar scans perceived to strengthen his principle, main Egyptian government to claim it was once “90% positive” additional chamber existed.

A 2nd scan additionally perceived to strengthen the speculation, which might had been essentially the most important discovery of Egyptian antiquities in many years.

On the other hand, Italian experts from the College of Turin used new penetrating radar scans to achieve their conclusion, announcing they had been assured within the effects.

“It’s possibly a little bit bit disappointing that there’s not anything at the back of the partitions of Tutankhamun’s tomb, however I believe alternatively that that is just right science,” mentioned Dr Francesco Porcelli, head of the analysis staff.

He mentioned they’d analysed 3 other units of radar information and cross-checked the effects, to get rid of “complexity within the information” which affected earlier scan effects.

Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, Khaled al-Anani, mentioned the government within the nation accredited the effects.

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