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[Update] Bethesda Teasing Moon-Related Prey DLC With Short Gif

Replace five/19: Bethesda’s leaning beautiful laborious into teasing one thing Prey-related, as we all know have an excessively brief gif to paintings with.

This time Reddit’s performed the digging. Person SHAPE_IN_THE_Glass has documented how, about an afternoon in the past, consumer KasmaCorp posted a remark in binary at the r/nasa board, on a put up appearing off a view of Earth as observed from the moon. The account belongs to Bethesda and Arkane, as some rudimentary digging will display, and the Kasma Company is a part of the Prey universe. Deconstructing the binary code sooner or later result in this brief gif:

This, together with the replace achievements, additional hints that Prey can be getting some moon-related content material within the close to long run. Expectantly, we will in finding out at E3. Or, taking into account the Rage 2 increase, in all probability Monday?

Unique Tale five/18: Numerous new achievements for Prey have seemed on Steam’s backend, fueling hypothesis of an upcoming DLC enlargement.

The achievements had been discovered by means of Twitter user and Digital Invaders co-host lashman today. The achievements shouldn’t have descriptions, simply unmarried phrase titles that shape a lyric to R.E.M. track “Guy at the Moon,” which best turns out suitable for the space-based Prey identify.

A couple of months in the past, Bethesda teased a brief clip panning over the moon at the similar day that they introduced the main points in their E3 display. Bethesda has been fascinated about including DLC to their unmarried participant titles, such because the Dying of the Outsider for Dishonored 2, so a Prey enlargement set at the moon sounds proper up that alley.

Bethesda’s E3 convention Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 p.m. PT.


Our Take
I’m for sure down for a brand new enlargement to Prey. Dying of the Outsider was once improbable, however the Wolfenstein II DLC wasn’t nice, so Bethesda’s DLC document of latest will also be patchy. Expectantly that is nice.

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