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Village Monsters has a charming Stardew Valley meets Undertale vibe

Charmingly lo-fi village lifestyles recreation about outcasts and weirdos in a actually damaged international? That’s what Village Monsters is. It is a low-key village lifestyles recreation, the type the place you cross fishing and plant gardens and make your home great. You additionally get to grasp the “dozens” of monster neighbors, finding out their tales and likes and dislikes. The sport additionally has a unusual attitude—it’s, in and of itself, set inside of a forgotten videogame. You’ll it sounds as if abuse the system faults within the recreation international to spice up your personal powers and sort things up. In spite of everything, in all probability maximum mysteriously, there’s a large number of emphasis at the simulation of the sector itself, with “transferring climate patterns, sweeping seasonal adjustments, and engaging machine interactions” in addition to emphasis on exploring puts out of doors the monster village. I’ve now not performed it, however I will’t lend a hand however be charmed—most of the few opinions and feedback are fairly sure. I’ll for sure test it out.

Village Monsters is a single-person venture by way of developer Josh Bossie. It used to be funded by the use of a modest Kickstarter marketing campaign a couple of years in the past and has been in building ever since, simply branching out to main platforms closing November. It’s in Early Get entry to building, and receiving common updates as of this newsletter’s writing. You’ll test it out (and purchase it) on Steam,, and GameJolt

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