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X-Chair X2 hands-on: I upgraded to a fancy office chair and I'll never go back

For almost a decade, I spent maximum of my running day at a status table. I loved the liberty status allowed me. Along with having the ability to tempo as I happy, I discovered that I had extra power all over the day. 

During the last 12 months or so, I have been combating the urge to modify my paintings setup. Specifically via decreasing my self-made status table and turning it into a traditional table entire with a chair. 

There is no rhyme or explanation why for the alternate, instead of a want to change issues up. Then, in early April, I gained an e mail from X-Chair providing to ship me a take a look at pattern of one in every of its ergonomic administrative center chairs. I figured it used to be a excellent alternative to make the alternate and optimistically be informed a factor or two about ergonomic chairs. 

Now, to be transparent, relating to searching for administrative center furnishings, I am recognized to err at the reasonable facet of the equation. I do know and understand administrative center pieces like a chair or table are used day-to-day, for hours on finish, and their convenience — or lack thereof — could have an have an effect on on how I believe on the finish of the day. However, nonetheless, my means has been “the less expensive, the simpler.”


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After decreasing my table and sitting within the X-Chair X2 for the previous 3 weeks, alternatively, I am beginning to see the worth in splurging on dearer administrative center furnishings. 

The X2 has extra knobs and levers than any chair I have ever sat in, and it permits for changes to the headrest, armrests, one thing referred to as dynamic variable lumbar, an adjustable backrest, and is fabricated from a flex mesh subject matter that is unusually at ease. There are a complete of 10 ergonomic changes you’ll make, a few of which I am nonetheless finding a couple of weeks later. 

The place I have spotted the most important distinction after sitting within the X2 for some time now’s how I believe on the finish of the day. I’m going to admit, there were many days after I were given bored with status and sat on what quantities to a posh (however reasonable!) barstool. On the finish of the day, my again and hips harm. I thought it used to be partially on account of my chair, however most commonly as a result of I am growing older. 

On the other hand, for the final week or so, my again and hips have felt significantly better. The X2 forces me to sit down ahead, and in the beginning it felt like I used to be going to fall ahead out of my seat, however that sensation has subsided, and I now welcome the consistent force on my decrease again to verify I am sitting with excellent shape. No less than I feel that is what it is doing. 



X-Chair has a whole lineup of chairs, with costs starting from $525 the entire means as much as $1,150. The X2 I have been checking out is $800, ahead of the addition of the headrest and a wheel improve. There may be even a footrest. The upper the fee, the extra options which are to be had (as an example, the Elementary Job Chair lacks one of the crucial finer changes of the X1 thru X4 collection).

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I leave out status, however as a substitute of going again to my previous table, I am now searching for a kind of pricey adjustable status desks, entire with the fondness motor and reminiscence positions, so I will be able to pass backward and forward comfortably. Have a table you prefer? Depart a remark beneath. 

I assume you’ll say the X2 has satisfied me to spend money on my paintings setup, as a substitute of piecing stuff in combination and making the most productive of it. Is the X2 the most productive chair available on the market? I will be able to’t say. I clearly do not know just about sufficient about ergonomic chairs, however I will be able to say I have loved sitting in it for numerous hours, and I have felt the variation, particularly after I sit down at my “gaming” table, which nonetheless has a fundamental administrative center chair that lacks any type of ergonomic make stronger. 

There are lots of elements to believe as many people transition to a make money working from home setup, a few of which can be simple to cut price. Do your self a want and make investments, on the very least, in a at ease chair. 

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